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Your Favorite Things of the Year! (Est. 2017)

In previous years, this was a memory box so we didn't miss any good nominations for the Cappies. With the Cappies hypertimed away, that doe…

Started by Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) in General Comics DiscussionsLatest Reply

List of Star Trek Threads

LIST OF STAR TREK THREADS The Baron Watches Star Trek (Spoilers) a discussion of the original series episodes in broadcast order STAR TRE…

Started by Border Mutt in Movies and TVLatest Reply

Movies and Television Thread Index

MOVIES Akira Kurosawa movies Alien movies All Star Superman Ant-Man Avatar The Avengers Avengers: Age of Ultron Batman: Bad Blood Batman: T…

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General Comics Discussions

Our catch-all forum for comics

6292 16 hours ago
Reply by Fraser Sherman

Captain Comics

The weekly columns Captain Comics writes for Tribune Content Agency.

477 1 hour ago
Reply by Richard Willis

Mr. Silver Age

Craig Shutt discusses all things Silver Age

419 4 hours ago
Reply by Richard Willis

Deck Log

Silver Age commentary by Commander Adam Benson, USN (RET)

98 Dec 27, 2021
Reply by Richard Willis

Fluit Notes

Bronze Age commentary by pastor and superfan Chris Fluit

69 Jan 10, 2017
Reply by Jeff of Earth-J

The Baron's Timelines

The Legion's most prolific poster connects everything. Yes, everything.

114 yesterday
Reply by The Baron


Feargal Gallagher brings his inimitable insight to today's comics

32 Nov 8, 2020
Reply by JohnD


Reviews of current comics and collections

757 Jan 17
In. by Will McPhail
by Mark Sullivan (Vertiginous Mod)

Important Notifications

Things you need to know, questions and suggestions from the Legionnaires and, oddly, comics trading.

82 Jan 6
Reply by Richard Willis

Movies and TV

Movies and TV, whether it has anything to do with comics or not

1479 4 hours ago
Reply by ClarkKent_DC

General NON-Comics Discussions

Topics that have nothing to do with comics but we want to talk about them anyway

444 5 hours ago
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Publisher News

The Justice League comes to an end in 'Justice League' #75

Posted by Captain Comics on January 20, 2022 at 5:30pm 4 Comments

Joshua Williamson & Rafa Sandoval Team up to kill the team on April 19…



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