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Familiar faces form a gathering of eagles at Dynamite

If you’ve got a favorite adventure character you haven’t seen lately, chances are you can find she, he or it at Dynamic Forces. While most…

Started by Captain Comics

3 Mar 28, 2014
Reply by Emerkeith Davyjack

Lawyers, stars and money: The Miracleman story

On Jan. 22, Marvel Comics shipped Miracleman #1 to comics shops across America. Miracleman isn’t a very well-known character, but he is one…

Started by Captain Comics

48 Mar 27, 2014
Reply by Luke Blanchard

'Snowpiercer' an apocayptic metaphor chugging to the silver screen

No one seems to know if or when the movie Snowpiercer will open in the U.S. Having read the graphic novel, I hope it will – and soon. Snowp…

Started by Captain Comics

3 Mar 15, 2014
Reply by Captain Comics

New Constantine has same bad habits as old one -- which is good

There’s a new John Constantine in town. But as two recent trade paperbacks demonstrate, he’s the same old “hellblazer.” Yes, I’m talking ab…

Started by Captain Comics

10 Mar 7, 2014
Reply by Travis Herrick (Modular Mod)

Valiant's 'Unity' not really unified, but definitely fun

Valiant Comics, which went out of business about 12 years ago, made a comeback under new ownership in 2012. And it only took the new guys t…

Started by Captain Comics

2 Feb 28, 2014
Reply by Captain Comics

It's 2014 -- do you know what Riverdale's teenagers are up to?

There was a time when Archie Comics was famous for being rigidly conservative. Now it’s gaining a reputation for being the most experimenta…

Started by Captain Comics

10 Feb 27, 2014
Reply by Mark S. Ogilvie

Duo, famed for crime noir, signed to extraordinary deal at Image

Image Comics, the third-largest comics publisher in America, just announced at its annual convention a host of imposing projects by A-list…

Started by Captain Comics

1 Feb 6, 2014
Reply by Figserello

Beware the Black Widow!

Despite her star turn in Avengers, Black Widow isn’t getting a solo movie (yet). But she is getting a new comic book, which she richly dese…

Started by Captain Comics

25 Jan 29, 2014
Reply by Dave Elyea

Soldiers, superheroes and talking trees: 2014 a good year for comics fans

The year 2013 was a pretty good one for comics fans, with blockbusters like Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World cementing the superhero as…

Started by Captain Comics

13 Jan 19, 2014
Reply by Captain Comics

New books make history -- past and future -- fun

As several new books demonstrate, history can be fun. First up in order of awesomeness is Star Trek: Federation – The First 150 Years (Tita…

Started by Captain Comics

8 Jan 10, 2014
Reply by Travis Herrick (Modular Mod)



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