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We've recently moved our columnists, but older columns can't be moved without losing the Legionnaires' comments, which we value highly. So…

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Deck Log Entry # 223 Passing the Bat-Torch---Part Two

Many Silver-Age DC titles instituted their own continuing features.  A series within a series, so to speak.  Green Lantern ran annual tales…

Started by Commander Benson

3 Mar 28
Reply by Commander Benson

Deck Log Entry # 222 Passing the Bat-Torch---Part One

The Silver-Age Alfred was a real Renaissance man:  butler, chef, actor, medic . . . and author!   Actually, he was more of a frustrated wri…

Started by Commander Benson

9 Feb 28
Reply by Richard Willis

Deck Log Entry # 221 Merry Christmas 2019!

Holidays are marked by traditions, and any given tradition has many fathers.  Nearly all of the time, it's impossible to trace a tradition'…

Started by Commander Benson

6 Dec 26, 2019
Reply by Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod)

Deck Log Entry # 220 Happy Thanksgiving 2019!

Pretty much the whole year, but especially as the summer winds down, I keep my eyes peeled for a good Thanksgiving tidbit to share with you…

Started by Commander Benson

10 Dec 26, 2019
Reply by Yossarian

Deck Log Entry # 219 So, You Want to Join the Mystery Analysts . . . .

You are looking at the meeting room of a unique and exclusive club, the Mystery Analysts of Gotham City, experts at the business of solving…

Started by Commander Benson

2 Sep 20, 2019
Reply by doc photo

Deck Log Entry # 218 The Silver-Age Challenge---Marvel Edition III . . . Answers!

So, how did you do?   Actually, by my tally, you all---the four of you who participated:  Philip Portelli, Jeff of Earth-J, Fraser Sherman,…

Started by Commander Benson

8 Sep 12, 2019
Reply by Mike Parnell

Deck Log Entry # 217 The Silver-Age Challenge---Marvel Edition III

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to come up with this year’s quiz in time for the summer.  Last year, I went with general Silver-Age DC questio…

Started by Commander Benson

10 Jul 14, 2019
Reply by Fraser Sherman

Deck Log Entry # 216 A Forgotten Gem: Justice League of America # 27 (May, 1964)---Part Two

Naturally, you might be asking:  “Why Justice League of America # 27?”  After all, there were more significant JLA stories published during…

Started by Commander Benson

40 Jul 8, 2019
Reply by Fraser Sherman

From the Archives: Deck Log Entry # 52 Timely Questions---Part Two

Over at Marvel, editor Stan Lee was, apparently, able to resist the temptation to use time-travel plots for stories.  At least, on a regula…

Started by Commander Benson

2 Jun 12, 2019
Reply by Fraser Sherman

From the Archives: Deck Log Entry # 51 Timely Questions---Part One

Time-travel stories have always been a tempting device for comics writers.  They broaden the vistas and allow fresh backdrops for adventure…

Started by Commander Benson

4 May 19, 2019
Reply by Fraser Sherman



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