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We've recently moved our columnists, but older columns can't be moved without losing the Legionnaires' comments, which we value highly. So…

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Deck Log Entry # 230 Merry Christmas 2020!

In our nearly three decades together, one area in which the Good Mrs. Benson and I still disagree is the subject of music.  I sensibly main…

Started by Commander Benson

7 Dec 27, 2020
Reply by Fraser Sherman

Deck Log Entry # 229 Happy Thanksgiving 2020!

Even now, Maria would be considered a firebrand.   She was born in Massachusetts, to a sickly and emotionally distant mother and a stern, r…

Started by Commander Benson

7 Nov 26, 2020
Reply by Doctor Hmmm?

Deck Log Entry # 228 The Wienie-isation of Hal Jordan

By the green beam of my ring . . . I see that you are honest!  And the battery has already selected you as one born without fear!   Those w…

Started by Commander Benson

37 Nov 21, 2020
Reply by Jeff of Earth-J

From the Archives: Deck Log Entry # 90 Death in the Silver Age---Mark Merlin, R. I. P.

If you lived in the DC universe in the 1950’s and were a greedy relative or unscrupulous lawyer trying to swindle someone out of his fortun…

Started by Commander Benson

13 Oct 13, 2020
Reply by Fraser Sherman

Okay, once and for all.........

...Has anyone here seen comic books, standard-sized, on sale at ANY non-comics shop in 2020. The last 6 month's obviously everything has be…

Started by Emerkeith Davyjack

13 Oct 7, 2020
Reply by Emerkeith Davyjack

From the Archives: Deck Log Entry # 51 Timely Questions---Part One

Time-travel stories have always been a tempting device for comics writers.  They broaden the vistas and allow fresh backdrops for adventure…

Started by Commander Benson

5 Sep 22, 2020
Reply by Fraser Sherman

Deck Log Entry # 227 The Silver-Age Challenge---the Legion of Super-Heroes Edition II . . . Answers!

I expected a Legion quiz to get a robust response, and you fellows didn't disappoint.  Lots of lively speculation on the possible right ans…

Started by Commander Benson

21 Aug 3, 2020
Reply by Misery in Spades

Deck Log Entry # 226 The Silver-Age Challenge---the Legion of Super-Heroes Edition II

At the conclusion of last year's Silver-Age challenge, I told you guys that I already had the questions for this year's quiz prepared.  Wel…

Started by Commander Benson

94 Jul 13, 2020
Reply by Peter Wrexham

Deck Log Entry #198 Kryptonite---a Glowing Reference (Part Three)

In Adventure Comics # 350 (Nov., 1966), a cloud of green-kryptonite particles drifts down from outer space, engulfing the stratosphere of t…

Started by Commander Benson

30 Jun 8, 2020
Reply by Fraser Sherman

Deck Log Entry # 225 Dueling Scars

The first time we heard the story, it was put straightforward enough.   "Years ago, in my college days, there was a student named Victor vo…

Started by Commander Benson

12 May 26, 2020
Reply by Richard Willis



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