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Deck Log Entry # 199 So, You Want to Join the X-Men . . . .

If you lived in the Marvel Universe during the Silver Age and you wanted to join the Avengers, you had to be a super-hero, or a super-villa…

Started by Commander Benson

28 Jun 5, 2017
Reply by Fraser Sherman

Deck Log Entry #198 Kryptonite---a Glowing Reference (Part Three)

In Adventure Comics # 350 (Nov., 1966), a cloud of green-kryptonite particles drifts down from outer space, engulfing the stratosphere of t…

Started by Commander Benson

29 Apr 23, 2017
Reply by Fraser Sherman

Deck Log Entry # 197 Kryptonite---a Glowing Reference (Part Two)

By the start of the Silver Age, Mort Weisinger had complete control of the Superman family of magazines, and he was stuck with a nigh-invin…

Started by Commander Benson

14 Mar 23, 2017
Reply by Ronald Morgan

Deck Leg Entry # 196 Kryptonite---a Glowing Reference (Part One)

In chapter seven of that seminal work on the history of comics, All in Color for a Dime (Arlington House, 1970), Jim Harmon wrote:   Now al…

Started by Commander Benson

10 Feb 22, 2017
Reply by Commander Benson

Deck Log Entry # 195 Merry Christmas 2016!

I’m going to do something different this time.   In past Christmas Deck Log entries, I’ve written about wondrous events that took place whe…

Started by Commander Benson

10 Jan 8, 2017
Reply by Howlermouse

Deck Log Entry # 194 Happy Thanksgiving 2016!

For many of the millions of Americans celebrating Thanksgiving to-day, one thing rises above all else:  football!  Go on, admit it---there'…

Started by Commander Benson

2 Nov 26, 2016
Reply by Mark Sullivan (Vertiginous Mod)

From the Archives: Deck Log Entry # 66 Short-Term Avenger, Long-Term Party Animal

Imagine that you’re participating in one of my “Comic Book Jeopardy!” quizzes . . . .   Under ‘Silver-Age Avengers Tenures’ for $50, the an…

Started by Commander Benson

25 Nov 14, 2016
Reply by Fraser Sherman

Deck Log Entry # 193 The Silver-Age Challenge---Secret Identities. Answers!

Time!   I always get a kick out of reading the posts in response to one of my quizzes.  I get to see the sharp headwork you fellows apply,…

Started by Commander Benson

11 Sep 7, 2016
Reply by Eric L. Sofer

Deck Log Entry # 191 What's on TV in the DC Universe?

How many of these DCU shows do you remember?

Started by Commander Benson

29 Aug 20, 2016
Reply by Eric L. Sofer

Deck Log Entry # 192 The Silver-Age Challenge---Secret Identities

It’s summer again, and time for the annual tradition here.  No, I don’t team up with my parallel-world counterpart to tackle a crisis.  I m…

Started by Commander Benson

54 Aug 14, 2016
Reply by Ronald Morgan



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