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From the Archives: Deck Log Entry # 76 The Champions (No, the OTHER Ones)

(After the Baron's thread on the Marvel Comics' Champions series wound up last month, I couldn't resist dusting off, polishing up, and re-p…

Started by Commander Benson

13 May 3, 2016
Reply by Lee Semmens

Deck Log Entry # 190 A Forgotten Gem: Fantastic Four # 39-40 (Jun. and Jul., 1965) (Part Two)

“The Battle of the Baxter Building”   Editor and writer: Stan Lee   Art: Jack Kirby (pencils), Vince Colletta (inks)     The first half of…

Started by Commander Benson

103 Apr 18, 2016
Reply by Luke Blanchard

Deck Log Entry # 189 A Forgotten Gem: Fantastic Four # 39-40 (Jun. and Jul., 1965) (Part One)

“A Blind Man Shall Lead Them” Editor and writer: Stan Lee   Art: Jack Kirby (pencils), Frank Giacoia (inks)   Scholars of the comic Fanta…

Started by Commander Benson

9 Mar 28, 2016
Reply by Commander Benson

Deck Log Entry # 187 Merry Christmas 2015!

This is the story of a Christmas present given in faith that it would be delivered fifteen years later.   Yeah, I’ve been rummaging through…

Started by Commander Benson

12 Feb 16, 2016
Reply by Emerkeith Davyjack

Deck Log Entry # 188 The Cop and the Cowl

Before the holiday break, I had been talking about Aunt Harriet, the character introduced in 1964 by newly appointed Batman editor Julius S…

Started by Commander Benson

29 Jan 31, 2016
Reply by Dave Elyea

Deck Log Entry # 186 Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

It’s that time of the year, again.   The season when the cable stations fill their time slots with holiday-themed films.  The old black-and…

Started by Commander Benson

5 Nov 28, 2015
Reply by Commander Benson

Deck Log Entry # 175 Superman and the Younger Woman

"At present, we consider Superman to be about 32.  Lois Lane and Lana Lang are a year or two younger."     In my last entry, I showed that,…

Started by Commander Benson

89 Nov 24, 2015
Reply by Fraser Sherman

From the Archives: Deck Log Entry # 75 DC's Newest Bizarre Hero

Hey, they can’t all be gems, folks.    In 1938, National Comics (that which would become DC Comics) launched Superman in Action Comics # 1.…

Started by Commander Benson

8 Nov 19, 2015
Reply by Luke Blanchard

Deck Log Entry # 176 Superboy: the Time of His Life

Sometimes, it’s not so hard to come up with ideas for my column.  You guys bring them to me.   Case in point, last’s month’s entry, when Da…

Started by Commander Benson

35 Nov 16, 2015
Reply by Luke Blanchard

Deck Log Entry # 185 The Trouble with Harriet

Raise your hand if you believe that the character of Aunt Harriet was created by the producers of the Batman television series, which ran f…

Started by Commander Benson

15 Nov 11, 2015
Reply by Fraser Sherman



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