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Defenders of the Status Quo

Defenders of the Status Quo The villain’s time machine has run amok.  Dinosaurs are rampaging in downtown Dallas.  Soldiers in blue and gra…

Started by Chris Fluit

8 May 13, 2014
Reply by Mark S. Ogilvie

Return of the Vampires

Return of the Vampire While most comic book fans are captivated by zombies, another classic monster is making a comeback.  Or coming back…

Started by Chris Fluit

0 Apr 25, 2014

The New Warriors' New Vision

The New Warriors’ New Vision In 1990, Fabian Nicieza and Mark Bagley launched a new comic book series for Marvel.  The basic premise behind…

Started by Chris Fluit

2 Apr 13, 2014
Reply by Wandering Sensei: Moderator Man

Just Like Our World Except...

Just Like Our World Except…   Writers of imaginative fiction must walk a very fine line.  They are interested in exploring the realms beyo…

Started by Chris Fluit

5 Apr 8, 2014
Reply by Richard Willis


Last week, I wrote my 300th Fluit Notes column for the Captain Comics website.  In celebration, I’d like to write about a comic book that…

Started by Chris Fluit

13 Mar 21, 2014
Reply by Chris Fluit

So Long, Star Wars E U, and Thanks for All the Sith

(picture of Darth Malak and Darth Revan based on the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic videogame) So Long, Star Wars EU, and Thanks f…

Started by Chris Fluit

11 Mar 18, 2014
Reply by George Campbell

The ReLaunch RunAround

Marvel has been busy of late.   About 16 months ago, they re-launched most of their core titles as part of their Marvel Now re-branding: A…

Started by Chris Fluit

5 Feb 22, 2014
Reply by John Dunbar

Defending Gambit

A couple of years ago, comic book writer Fred Van Lente was asked to pitch a Gambit series.  Van Lente took to Twitter and asked his fans,…

Started by Chris Fluit

16 Feb 4, 2014
Reply by DneColt

Does Anyone at DC Know What They're Doing?

Earlier this week, DC announced that they were cancelling six titles in April- including Nightwing, Stormwatch, Suicide Squad and Superman…

Started by Chris Fluit

65 Jan 29, 2014
Reply by Mark S. Ogilvie

The Myth of the Superhero

For decades, superhero comics were viewed as disposable fiction- escapist stories for adolescent boys.  However, despite the initial dismis…

Started by Chris Fluit

4 Jan 14, 2014
Reply by Chris Fluit



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