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Here's Negan!

This is a discussion of the serial from Image+ ($1.99 per copy or free with purchase of Previews). Although is a comic, I posted the discus…

Started by Jeff of Earth-J

42 Dec 1
Reply by Captain Comics

All-purpose newspaper strips discussion line

I didn't entirely get the intended construction of the jokes in the Sunday Bizzaro (Sp??) strip yesterday .   ( The strip appars to be not…

Started by Emerkeith Davyjack

328 Nov 30
Reply by Jeff of Earth-J

DC: State of the Rebirth (Spoilers are in this thread!)

Hey all... just wanted to put anyone who cares on the alert that DC Rebirth spoilers have been leaked on Reddit, and they're starting to sh…

Started by Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod)

164 Nov 27
Reply by Philip Portelli

Doomsday Clock Spoiler Thread

Some of us have probably seen the Doomsday Clock Ashcan that’s been circulating around the internet for the past few days. I've really been…

Started by Detective 445

7 Nov 25
Reply by Captain Comics

Rob Reads The Warlord

Among the things I tend to pick up on my back-issue dives are comics that came out in my “golden age” -- approx. 1976 to 1985 -- but that I…

Started by Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod)

49 Nov 21
Reply by Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod)

"JUSTICE LEAGUE " movie discussion thread (No spoilers).

What it says. Rotten Tomatoes (which WB co-owns) delayed putting up the score for a bit!:-0 Is there a paperback novelization of the script?

Started by Emerkeith Davyjack

3 Nov 20
Reply by Luke Blanchard

Axel Alonso out as Marvel's EIC

Hollywood Reporter says he's been replaced by C.B. Cebulski. You know, that guy that did that thing.

Started by Captain Comics

19 Nov 20
Reply by Richard Willis

Horror Stories for Halloween 2017

This year I thought I'd celebrate Halloween by posting a daily comics story. Please feel free to make any contribution to the thread that f…

Started by Luke Blanchard

150 Nov 16
Reply by Ronald Morgan

The Eddie Berganza Situation

So, DC has found itself in a controversy thanks to the situation with Eddie Berganza and the controversy flaring up in the wake of Shelly B…

Started by JD DeLuzio

27 Nov 16
Reply by ClarkKent_DC

Posted on the Facebook page 11/16/17

SOLICITATIONS Archie Comics for February PREVIEWS Medisin Vol. 2: In the Grip of Malady Mighty Crusaders #1 Bloodshot: Salvation #4 Dollfa…

Started by Captain Comics

0 Nov 16



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