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Pro Wrestling

I was watching the Savage/Warrior "retirement" match on disk last night, and it came to the ending where Elizabeth threw Sherri out of the…

Started by The Baron

213 yesterday
Reply by The Baron

Anything, Everything, or Nothing At All

Leopard v Crocodile!

Started by PowerBook Pete, the Mad Mod

3855 on Thursday
Reply by Jeff of Earth-J

What Are You Thinking Right Now?

As a general rule, I try to avoid belonging to any group (or Group) with the word "Prancing" in its title.

Started by Doctor Hmmm?

289 on Thursday
Reply by Alexandra Kitty

What are you blogging about today?

Figured I'd kick this thread off on the new site: Hey, Mister President!

Started by Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod)

1029 on Thursday
Reply by Alexandra Kitty

So, What Are You Reading These Days? (besides comics)

Just bringing this discussion over to ning... What books are you reading right now that don't have a narrative driven by images as well as…

Started by Alan M.

1167 on Wednesday
Reply by The Baron

What Podcasts Are You Listening To Right Now?

I decided to start a thread about podcasts, because I listen to them often while I'm driving. Also, I love finding out about new ones. So..…

Started by Wandering Sensei: Moderator Man

1 Aug 9
Reply by Wandering Sensei: Moderator Man

News From Japan

The Election Results Are In! The Democratic Party of Japan has won an impressive electoral victory over the Liberal Democratic Party, whic…

Started by The Baron

46 Aug 2
Reply by The Baron

Money, it's all I want

Hey LegionnairesL I have a ton of stuff I'd like to sell. Mostly it's duplicate stuff, but all of it is stuff that the LCS won't give me mu…

Started by Captain Comics

12 Jul 30
Reply by doc photo

Denver Post Rebukes Its Own Ownership

Story. Opinion Piece Interesting. I don't recall ever seeing anything like this before. I can't imagine that newspapers would disappear a…

Started by The Baron

15 Jul 27
Reply by Captain Comics

Giac mo

Cũng định dùng clone, lý do như bao ng, nhưng thôi.Phụ nữ, cần một người có thể làm một số thứ cho họ, hay là cần người cho họ động lực để…

Started by tieu ni tu

0 Jul 25



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