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The Trial of Atom-Smasher and the winding down of JSA volume 1 (JSA #76)

I was trying to keep up with the Baron’s Justice Society thread, but a long break at Christmas away from my comics and/or a keyboard made…

Started by Figserello

13 Feb 12, 2014
Reply by Richard Willis

Batman: Gothic

[An analysis of Morrison's first official Batman story.  I originally posted this in a since-axed Morrison Group.  I posted it on July 15 2…

Started by Figserello

1 Jan 16, 2014
Reply by Border Mutt

Justice, Society, and America on the Slippery Slope (JSA # 45-51)

Some final thoughts on how DC’s JSA comics addressed the early years of the ‘War on Terror’.  This third column will focus on how the Princ…

Started by Figserello

11 Nov 22, 2013
Reply by Figserello

The Justice Society of America Vs the War on Terror (JSA #41-42)

Or   The Interpretation of Art   Or   The Art of Interpretation   So begins a fascinating set of interconnected storylines that DC publis…

Started by Figserello

22 Nov 21, 2013
Reply by Captain Comics

The Justice Society of America - With Ra on Our Side. (JSA #43-44)

In my last article The Justice Society of America vs the War on Terror, I argued that issues 41 and 42 of JSA, published in late 2002, adde…

Started by Figserello

1 Nov 17, 2013
Reply by The Baron

Pray for a Resurrection - DC One Million Epilogue, part II

This is the penultimate post in a series examining Grant Morrison’s "DC One Million" crossover of 1998. Somewhat puzzlingly, its rich crop…

Started by Figserello

18 Sep 24, 2013
Reply by Figserello

For those who arrived late... The DC One Million Blogs

There's been a few changes around here since I started my epic series of blog posts on DC One Million, the September 1998 mega-crossover.  …

Started by Figserello

0 Sep 17, 2013

Reading Siege

So I've started reading Siege, the Marvel event which ran through the Winter-Spring of 2009-2010.   I thought I kind of owe it to myself t…

Started by Figserello

91 Aug 29, 2013
Reply by Figserello

JLA Revisited.

Some of this Morrison reading project has been fairly heavy going.  The Filth, The Invisibles, and Seven Soldiers of Victory are meaty lump…

Started by Figserello

341 Jul 25, 2013
Reply by Figserello

Aztek - the Ultimate Man

(These are reposts of a 'discussion' I originally begun on July 22, 2009.  Aztek is something of the black sheep of Morrison's DC superhero…

Started by Figserello

23 May 14, 2013
Reply by Figserello



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