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Reviews: CDNP v3, WW Archives v7, WW Chronicles v3, MMW: TOS v4, Sgt. Rock Archives v4

Too many books, too little time! Here are some lightning reviews of reprint stuff:   Crime Does Not Pay Volume 3 By Charles Biro, Bob Wood,…

Started by Captain Comics

21 Dec 8, 2012
Reply by Philip Portelli

Reviews: Huntress v1, Legion v1 TPBs, Voodoo v1, Demon Knights v1

Huntress: Crossbow at the Crossroads By Paul Levitz, Marcus To, John Dell Collecting Huntress (third series) #1-6 (Dec 11-May 12) DC Comics…

Started by Captain Comics

1 Dec 5, 2012
Reply by Travis Herrick (Modular Mod)

Reviews: Superman v1, Superman: Earth One Volume Two, Penguin v1

Superman Volume 1: What Price Tomorrow? HC By George Perez, Jesus Merino, Nicola Scott Collecting Superman #1-6 (Nov 11-Apr 12) DC Comics,…

Started by Captain Comics

0 Dec 5, 2012

Reprint reviews: Sea Devils V1, Barks v11, Archie v7

Showcase Presents: Sea Devils Volume 1 By Robert Kanigher (w), Russ Heath (a), Irv Novick (a), et al Reprinting Showcase #27-29 (Jul-Nov 60…

Started by Captain Comics

1 Nov 12, 2012
Reply by Jeff of Earth-J

Review: 'Manara Library Volume Three,' 'Manara Erotica Volume One'

Manara Library Volume 3: Trip to Tulum and Other Stories By Milo Manara, Frederico Fellini, Silverio Pisu Dark Horse, $59.99 There's somet…

Started by Captain Comics

0 Nov 11, 2012

Green Lantern reviews: Archives v7, GL Corps v1, Red Lanterns v1

Green Lantern Archives Volume 7 DC Comics, $59.99 Stories by Gardner Fox and John Broome, art by Gil Kane and Sid Greene Reprinting Green L…

Started by Captain Comics

11 Oct 17, 2012
Reply by Chris Fluit

Reprint reviews: 'Dark Shadows v4-5,' 'The Phantom: The King Years v1,' 'Rio'

Dark Shadows – The Complete Original Series Volumes Four-Five Hermes Press, $49.99 each Stories by various, art by Joe Certa Reprinting Dar…

Started by Captain Comics

9 Oct 12, 2012
Reply by Jeff of Earth-J

Reprint reviews: 'Archie v6,' 'Tarzan v11,' 'Showcase: Showcase v1'

Archie Archives Volume Six (Dark Horse, $49.99) Reprinting Archie Comics #19-22 (Mar/Apr-Sep/Oct 46), Pep Comics #57-58 (Jun-Sep 46) By Bil…

Started by Captain Comics

7 Aug 27, 2012
Reply by Philip Portelli

Review: 'Showcase Presents: Rip Hunter Time Master Volume 1'

Showcase Presents: Rip Hunter Time Master Volume 1 (DC Comics, $19.99) Reprinting Showcase #20-21 (May/Jun-Jul/Aug 59), Showcase #25-26 (Ma…

Started by Captain Comics

36 Aug 13, 2012
Reply by Captain Comics

Review: 'Black Charity'

Black Charity (Archaia, $19.95) Bal Speer (w/a) I don't understand Black Charity. I'm usually pretty good at allegory, metaphor and allus…

Started by Captain Comics

0 Aug 6, 2012



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