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The Earth-44 Timeline, Appendix Seven: The Legacy of Superman

(I thought I’d have a shot at re-writing this into a more comprehensive form. This whole Earth-44 business grew out of an attempt to combin…

Started by The Baron

4 Aug 25, 2016
Reply by The Baron

The Baron Re-Reads the Whole Death and Re-Birth of Superman Storyline

Yeah, I know, another thing that isn't a "timeline" as such, although it will involve time travel of sorts, back to the wild and woolly day…

Started by The Baron

127 Aug 10, 2016
Reply by Ronald Morgan

The Earth-44 Timeline, Appendix Five: The Legacy of Wonder Woman

When US Army intelligence agent Lieutenant Steve Trevor crashlanded on the island of Themiscyra in 1941, Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons dec…

Started by The Baron

1 Aug 6, 2016
Reply by The Baron

The Earth-44 Timeline, Appendix Six: The Legacy of the Batman

Bruce Wayne was born in Gotham City, New Jersey, mere weeks before the beginning of the First World War. While much of the world was in tur…

Started by The Baron

3 Aug 6, 2016
Reply by The Baron

Watching the Star Trek Movies (SPOILERS)

Thought it would be fun to re-watch these, since I finally picked up a copy of Star Trek - Into Darkness from the cheapie bin, which  means…

Started by The Baron

139 Aug 4, 2016
Reply by Mark S. Ogilvie

Walt Disney Treasures: Walt Disney on the Front Lines - The War Years

I've been meaning to look at this one again for some time now. It's a collection of various and sundry war-time Disney animation. I picked…

Started by The Baron

42 Jul 19, 2016
Reply by The Baron

The Earth-44 Timeline, Appendix Thirteen: The Legacy of the Flash

The legacy of the Flash began in 1940, when college student Jay Garrick breathed in hard water vapors, thus gaining super-speed. Adopting t…

Started by The Baron

0 Jun 13, 2016

The Timeline of "Possible" Characters - Part Two

(Continued from Part One) A.D. 1984: Character Debuts: Heathcliff Huxtable Winston Smith   Events: Charles Arcola Junior, is placed in…

Started by The Baron

2 Jan 26, 2016
Reply by The Baron

The Earth-44 Legacy, Appendix Ten: The Pym Legacy

Doctor Henry "Hank" Pym began operating as the Ant-Man in 1962. He was joined the next year by his then-fiancée, Janet Van Dyne, who became…

Started by The Baron

20 Jan 6, 2016
Reply by The Baron

Fifty Favorite Movies Timeline

(There's a few bits in this that I intend to re-write if I ever get the time.. Until then, enjoy!) As I said once in the My Fifty Favorite…

Started by The Baron

3 Jan 4, 2016
Reply by Richard Willis



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