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Earth-44 Stories, Part Four

"Doctor Who and the Monster-Maker" Doctor Mihama Chiyo sat at a table in the rooftop cafe of the Hokuto Department Store, sipping tea and…

Started by The Baron

0 Jan 2, 2016

Earth-44 Stories, Part Three

(Another story that I wrote a while back.) "Crises on Earth 2" Prologue: Earth 2 Colony, AD 2375, somewhere north of New Springfield Vess…

Started by The Baron

0 Jan 2, 2016

Earth-44 Stories, Part Two

Continued from Part One Chapter 16: Goromand, Newektiland, The Present Day The rest was clean-up. Bender had not killed Doom, though not…

Started by The Baron

0 Jan 2, 2016

Earth-44 Stories, Part One.

(As I recall, this is the first one I wrote. A bit formulaic, maybe, but not too bad, an I say so myself.) The Story of the Five Chapter…

Started by The Baron

0 Jan 2, 2016

The Baron Re-Watches the "Star Wars" Movies in the "Correct" Order (SPOILERS)

I remember reading somewhere the opinion that in order to get the most out of the story of the Star Wars movies, one should watch them in t…

Started by The Baron

47 Dec 20, 2015
Reply by The Baron

Watching a Bunch of Old Marvel Cartoons

OK, a gap opened up in the Sourcewall, see, and out dropped disks of the old 60's Marvel Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Sub-Mari…

Started by The Baron

168 Nov 9, 2015
Reply by Ron M.

The Baron Re-Watches "Neon Genesis Evangelion" (SPOILERS)

This is one of those anime that is sort of a must-watch if you're an anime fan. Since it's the show's 20th anniversary, I figured I'd  take…

Started by The Baron

26 Oct 30, 2015
Reply by The Baron

Going Through My Graphic Novels: Cull or Keep? (SPOILERS)

I've got rather alot of graphic novels, most of which sit on my bookshelves or in boxes in my closets from one year to the next, never bein…

Started by The Baron

379 Aug 25, 2015
Reply by The Baron

Introduction to the Baron's Timelines

I've always been a fan of reading timelines for fictional characters, and also creating them myself. I've posted a few of them here which I…

Started by The Baron

10 Jun 24, 2015
Reply by The Baron

The Earth-44 Timeline, Appendix Twelve: The History of the Cybermen in the Earth-44 Universe

Millennia ago, before the dawn of our current civilization, there was the Atlantis. Atlantis was a rich and verdant land, inhabited by a ra…

Started by The Baron

0 Jun 18, 2015



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