I can't believe we've gone this long without starting a beer thread. I enjoyed the one on the old board and actually tried some of the beverages that were liked by others.

I've discovered that I really like Sam Adams Oktoberfest. I've never enjoyed the Boston Lager but this Oktoberfest is good stuff. I also finally tried Yeungling Black & Tan. Also very good.

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I found a liqour store in town that had a bunch of cases of the Sierra Nevada beer camp, so I scooped one up. I also got a case of Coney Island beer. It had their Coney IslandLager, Sword Swallower, Albino Python, and Mermaid Pilsner. I've tried most of them before. The packaging is great with vintage looking labels with all sorts of Coney Island side-show attractions. The beer is ok. It's all good summer beer but if I had to choose I'd go elsewhere. They tend to be inconsistent. Sometimes I'll have a Coney Island Lager and it's great. Other times it's off, either too malty or too hoppy.


The Coney Island Lager is a malty lager with a bit of hops. The Sword Swallower is a hoppy lager. The Albino Python is a spiced white lager and the Mermaid pilsner is well, a pilsner. My least favorite would be the Python, however I made a beer float with it. Yes beer and ice cream. It actually improved the beer. It was quite a treat.

Jeff, I'm not at home to check but I think I have that Pyramid Blonde Ale at my house from my Pick 6 Pack.
I've been enjoying Sam Adams' Rustic Saison. 

Ah, I was right I do have that Pyramid Curve Ball Blonde Ale. A pretty tasty beer and it is good for a summer brew.


Also part of the Pick 6 was New Belgium's (of Fat Tire fame) Mighty Arrow, which is their pale ale. I found this to be pretty good as well.Compared to other pale ales, like say a Rolling Rock it has a more robust flavor. In general though I find New Belgium's beers to be more bold than their counterparts.

I have yet to try Fat Tire. I hear great things. I never to think to look for it.


And Doc, I haven't tried that Sam Adams Saison but it sounds good. My brother is into saisons moreso that I am. Sam Adams does put out some good seasonal/specialty brews though.

Jason, you are absolutely right about that! I had one after reading this, and there is VERY MUCH a Fruity Pebbles taste in there. I still love it, though. Just kind of funny to think of that flavor being in beer.

Jason Marconnet said:

I liked the Sunset Wheat when I first tried it but now I think it's too sweet. Tastes like Fruity Pebbles to me.

Right now I am drinking a Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, and boy-howdy, am I feeling it!
What is that like?  I saw that at Kahn's the other day but didn't know if I would like it.  Does it make you say "boy-howdy" a lot?
Yes, evidently it does. I really liked it. A buddy of mine loads me up a 6-pack of different beers any time I help him out, and that one was the exclamation point. I still haven't had any of your beer yet, though, Sly--you still making it?

Tried another discounted beer I got a while back. Rogue Imperial Porter from Rogue's vintage series. This one is dated 2008. This series of beers comes in cool ceramic bottles.


I actually like this one. Imperial style beers aren't always my favorite. Because of the high alcohol content they can be too syrup-y. This one poured and looked like it would be. But it has a nice smooth taste. The down side is there is a metallic after taste that doesn't hit you right away. That might be from the bottle, even though I've poured it in a glass. Actually once you keep drinking it that aftertaste doesn't keep hitting you.

For my birthday, I got a twelve-pack of Monty Python Holy Grail Ale.  I tried one last night, it was tasty enough.
Tried a Summer Love from Victory Brewing the other night. It was a tasty blonde ale.

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