I can't believe we've gone this long without starting a beer thread. I enjoyed the one on the old board and actually tried some of the beverages that were liked by others.

I've discovered that I really like Sam Adams Oktoberfest. I've never enjoyed the Boston Lager but this Oktoberfest is good stuff. I also finally tried Yeungling Black & Tan. Also very good.

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“I've been through a Sam Adams Lager phase, a Fat Tire phase, and Blue Moon phase.”

“I've definitely gone through the Heiniken, Blue Moon, and Sam Adams Lager phases.”

Me, too!

Never liked BLue Moon. That's the one with orange accents, right? Can't stand fruit with my beer, limes excluded.

My wife and I went through a black-and-tan phase, where we'd try to make them at home. Out in the world, we're mostly drinking local craft brews. Memphis now has four major breweries, several minor ones and now a whiskey distillery (Old Dominick). I may never drink a national brand again!

SAM ’76: I posted about this one back in July, but I’m posting about it again. It’s hard to find anywhere other than a well-stocked liquor store. Over the weekend we went out for a steak and I was greeted with what I call the “Three Weak Sisters” as beer selections (i.e., Bud-Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite). They also had Sam Adams, which is my fallback, so I ordered that. I was expecting the Boston Lager but was pleased to discover is was the Sam ’76, on draft. It was delicious. We went shopping the next day, but even the recently-expanded beer section of our usual grocery store didn’t stock it. On Sunday we went to one of those hoity-toity grocery stores, but I didn’t find it there, either. What I did find was...

G.P.A. – “The Above Average Beer” – Three Nations Brewery Company: First of all, I should mention that “G.P.A.” is play on words meaning both “Grade Point Average” as well as “German Pale Ale.” (The “A” on the label is circled with a “+” next to it.) The can copy reads…

“What’s in a GPA? The unadventurous say midterms, flash cards, and all-nighters. We take a more redical approach. After all, who cares what you graduated with? Our GPA consists of a subtle blend of bitterness accompanied by passion fruit, citrus and tropical fruit like aromas. Go ahead, enjoy this above average beer, because your intelligence can’t be refined in the classroom.”

Okay, that’s a pretty good description… of the beer and the brewery’s philosophy… and I agree with them both. It’s a local brew (from Farmer’s branch, TX), so anyone other than Travis may have trouble finding it (but Travis, if you’re reading this, I recommend you check it out). 5.27 ABV.

I like your naming of the Three Weak Sisters, I just call them The Usual. Which is why I usually opt for Shiner Bock, as that is almost always available around here.

I've seen G.P.A. before, but I've never tried it. Thanks for the recommendation.

I've been drinking quite a bit of Deep Ellum Brewery's Dallas Blonde. I probably wouldn't have initially,but they had some controversy with their slogan: Goes down easy. They took it off, but then a couple of months later put it back. I admired their pluck and gave it a show. I think its a really good beer, and it is so easy to find these days that even the Walgreens by my LCS stocks it.

I was at Total Wine and More on Friday, and decided to buy singles of a bunch of different beers. Which I haven't tried any of yet.

I also have a six pack of of Manhattan Project Beer's (love that name) Necessary Evil, which is a pilsner.It is a solid beer, very crisp and tasty. 5.3 ABV

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