This is meant as a thead relating to " soda pop " , in the more general sense...Basically , non-alcoholic beverages , and not so much coffee , either , tho I'm not excluding it .

  Personally , I do drink alcohol , tho quite lightly/pretty infrequently , whatever this may indicate about any conflict/co-operation between French and Welsh aspects of my ancestry (!!) it's not like I have red , blue , and yellow " X "s tatooed upon my hands...However , I've just been a soda pop , " soda " , junkie much of my life . Yes , this includes diet/sugarfree - As my late father (the French side) used to put it , " no calories , no caffeine , no taste " (!!!!!!!!!) - sody pop , too...


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...And how about the rotgut/Night Train-level cheapo brands of soda pop ?

  Here in San Francisco , in the Tenderloin neighborhood , some groceries/bodegas/whatever have Stara And Stripes soda , or Western Family , going for 50c cold in stores that care to do so .

  Over in the Mission I saw it at 55c .

  In earlier years , this was 35c , 3/$1.00 ( Cold , remember . ) .

  I suppose that lower prices for comparable brands may be found in lower-priced regions of these United States !

  I've seen monstrosity 3-liter bottles of Stars And Stripes .

  Shasta is a low-priced brand out here - Maybe a little more high-priced than the two I referenced above , however ? - that must've been a full-priced brand once , I remember TV commercials running for it in my grandparents' East Texas area when I visited them when I was a child , and I've seen a couple preserved old billboard ads out here , apparently from the 50s/60s .

@Emerkeith:  I remember seeing ads for Shasta on TV as a kid in the 70's.  It was, I think, always an "also-ran" among soda brands.  My folks always bought it because it cost less.  The only place I see it around here anymore is at Dollar Tree stores.


@The Baron:  There's an A&W in Amarillo, about 40 miles from here.  They still pour the root beer from a separate fountain from the other sodas,  For a little extra, you can have it in the classic frosty glass mug. 


These days, thanks to da dia-bee-tees, I have to stick with diet drinks, and what I buy varies.  Diet Mountain Dew is my favorite, but I'll have a Fresca every once in a while.  I can't stand Diet Coke.

A very devoted fan of Double Cola Company products has a site which gives very detailed information about product availability. I'm proud to be referred to therein as a "very reliable source":


Double Cola Company products used to be available in a much wider geographical area.  It's possible they were available in parts of Texas in the past.  Hopefully the company's recent expansion will continue and they'll be available in Texas and a lot of other places in the not too distant future.


If you go to Ale-8-One's website ( and click on the Sales and Distribution link at the bottom of the home page, you'll find areas where their products are available.


Lee Houston, Junior said:

To Drjohnrock:


Originally hailing from the Texas Gulf Coast, for better or worse I have never heard of the brands you mentioned. What part of the country were those found in?


A current new fave is diet Sierra Mist Ruby Red.  I really enjoy the flavor.


Was anyone else a fan of the old diet sodas like Tab and Fresca?

I enjoy Fresca and Diet Sierra Mist Ruby Red--have some of the lattter in the fridge now. 

Never cared much for Tab but there was a caffeine free version of it some years back that I liked.  Unfortunately, it didn't stick around long.

Randy Jackson said:

A current new fave is diet Sierra Mist Ruby Red.  I really enjoy the flavor.


Was anyone else a fan of the old diet sodas like Tab and Fresca?

So, does anyone here remember Hubba Bubba soda? Or, my all time fav., the greatly missed Aruba Jam Sprite? What's the oddest soda you've ever had, outside of the Jones novelty stuff (Turkey & gravy and all that)? I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Cucumber Pepsi a few years back. Surprisingly tasty.


Oh, and the best cola currently available is Red Bull Cola, which no one seems to be willing to try under the mistaken belief that it's a mixture of Red Bull and cola, or has extra caffeine in it. Neither is true. It's just a really delicious cola, no different than Pepsi or Coke.
I, unfortunately, remember Hubba Bubba soda.

Drjohnrock, there is a chance the Double Cola was in Texas for a brief period. There was a specialty soda/tobacco store in south Dallas called Ifs Ands & Butts that seemed to carry darn near everything. They carried something like a couple of dozen different root beers. It was a very neat place. Unfortunately, it closed down when the owner/spokesman/cheerleader had to close it down due to his illness.


Randy, I do like Fresca, but I never cared for Tab.

...Just to-night , I came onto a 17-oz , 3/$1.00 brand called Big Cola , at a dollar tore , it appears to hail from a Latino country , and , tastes a little watered-down , saying " Cola Flavored Soft Drink " en Ingles on the label .

I enjoy Tab (look at my picture!) and Fresca.

They were the only sugar free soda around when I became diabetic.

Dr Pepper is bringing back a childhood favorite of mine...SunDrop.  It's a citrus soda, like Mountain Dew.  There's a diet variety, too, that's not bad at all, IMO.


I realized that I really prefer citrus-flavored soda most of the time.  I wish there were a diet Squirt here (Yeah, I know there's Fresca, but that's not the same).


@Mr. Satanism:  the oddest soda I've had was Holiday Spice Pepsi, a cola with spice flavor.  I think there was cinnamon and nutmeg in it; I really liked it, but it was only sold for one holiday season years back.

I liked Pepsi Spice too, so much so that I still have the display sign from my local Wal-Mart. I bought a few 12 packs that year and hoarded them forever, occasionally drinking one and leaving the can at a friend's house or place of work, just to mess with them. "Where the heck did this come from???"

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