As some may remember from the old board I have a ton of comic books that I have never read. My goal is to read at least one a day (yeah right), and when it strikes my fancy to do so to review that comic here. Once again join me as I plow through years of comics that have been lying around unread.

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Philip Portelli said:
Marvel Team-Up was cancelled to make room for Web of Spider-Man (first series).

Also amazing to see an X-Men team-up with no Wolverine!

Being an idiot at the time (and 12), it actually took me a while to realize that Web had replace MTU. I was a huge fan of Web as well.

Figs, also on the cover apparently none of the women get noses. It makes them look weird.

Luke, I didn't read one word of Onslaught. During that time I wasn't reading any Marvel comics(maybe 1). I do wonder what kind of journey it took in the intervening decade or so.
It was the same as The Defenders being replaced by X-Factor, Marvel Two-In-One becoming The Thing and Brave & Bold morphing into Batman & the Outsiders!
The New Teen Titans #34
Aug. 1983
Cover art by: George Perez

Story: Endings...and Beginnings!
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Layouts: George Perez
Finishes: Romeo Tanghal

There is a lot going on here, so I am going to do a list of what goes on and try to hit the bullet points.

1.The Terminator (not quite called Deathstroke the Terminator all of the time yet) is still bitter he hasn't taken out the Titans for H.I.V.E.
2.Terra is pouting, because she believes the Titans don't trust her.
3.The Titans throw Terra a sweet sixteen birthday party
4.Robin is helping District Attonery Adrian Chase take out mobsters
5.Kid Flash has decided to leave the team
6.Donna Troy goes to see Terry Long and tells him she will marry him
7.Cyborg is ducking his girlfriend, Sarah Simms, since he thinks she is engaged to another guy.
8.Terminator has taken a hostage, and Terra goes off to fight him by herself.
9.The rest of the team does show up, and together they defeat him but not before Wilson escapes.
10.The Titans agree to tell Terra their secrets, now that she has fully proven herself.
11.We find out Terra is in cahoots with Terminator to spy on the Titans.
12.Adrian Chase's apartment blows up with his family inside after Robin leaves him.

Wow, these were 24 jam packed pages, and I didn't quite get to everything. 60 cents was quite a deal for this comic. The fight between the Titans and the Terminator was spectacular. Terra's powers were just so visually...awesome. I'm guessing they started calling him Deathstroke the Terminator more (I think it was always his name), because of the movie series, which also became a comic book?

Also, for those who don't know Adrian Chase would later become the vigilante, uh, Vigilante. Who had one of my favorite costumes ever. He would appear first New Teen Titans Annual #2, just a few weeks after this issue came out.
I was only just getting back into buying comics in person after three years of reading via subscription only at the time this issue released. I had only recently discovered "TNT," my first issue being #30. I soon accumulated a complete run of backissues, though.
It's funny to hear about the Titans' guarding their secrets from Terra. It always was them guarding Robin's secrets from Terra!

BTW, were there any confrontations between Batman and Deathstroke? It was like DC kept them apart to protect both of their unstoppable tough guy reputations!
Philip Portelli said:
It's funny to hear about the Titans' guarding their secrets from Terra. It always was them guarding Robin's secrets from Terra!

BTW, were there any confrontations between Batman and Deathstroke? It was like DC kept them apart to protect both of their unstoppable tough guy reputations!

Not 100% sure, but I don;t think they have. Previews shows that they will confront each other in The Titans, but I am quite certain that will be the Dick Grayson version. In Deathstroke's own mag, I believe he was hired to kill Bruce Wayne, but never ran across Batman (I could be entirely wrong I would have to go dig those out), and he also fought the JLA. In that case, Deathstroke knew he couldn't defeat them, so he used guerrilla tactics to escape. That was a Batmanless version of the League though.
Could you be thinking of the story from 1982 where Deadshot was hired to kill Wayne? When Deadshot made his move the Human Target was impersonating Wayne and on a date with Vicki Vale. Batman stopped Deadshot shooting Chance, and Chance played the major role in capturing him (he threw something into the barrel of Deadshot's gun, causing it to backfire).

Apparently Deathstroke and Batman had a crossover in Deathstroke, the Terminator ##6-9. The cover of #7 has them fighting but ##8-9 have them on the same side.
I remember the Deadshot/Human Target (what a pairing!) story, but that 90s mentality of even giving Deathstroke his own book speaks volumes!
I actually liked the Deathstroke comic. They had some good issue, and it was initially penciled by the vastly underrated Steve Erwin, and later by Sergio Cariello. Now where that comic lost me was when, get this, Deathstroke was actually an immortal who had a long running feud with Hawkman. That little bit of info has, thankfully, never been mentioned in years. I think Zatanna wiped it out of everyone's memory.
The New Teen Titans #36
Nov. 1983
Cover art by: George Perez

Story: Feedback!
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Layouts: Keith Pollard
Finishes: Romeo Tanghal

The Titans are at STAR Labs with the super powered brothers, Thunder and Lightning. The doctor there is using lasers to probe the two, but they end up absorbing all of the energy and break loose. They are angered and feel compelled to fight the Titans, they do for a little while, but soon get their emotions under control. T&L learn they will soon die from their powers if they don't get a blood transfusion from their father, unfortunately they don't know who that is.

Raven volunteers to send her soul-form into the brothers and see if she can find anyway to cure them. That is the same time that their father, who is a captive of HIVE, reaches out to them. It temporarily corrupts Raven's soul form and the Titans are forced to fend them off. T&L's father did tell them where he can be found. On the way there the brothers relate to the Titans their father's origin; as he is really an alien who has lived for over 600 years. He finally decided to return home, but his space craft was in Cambodia, and there was a war going on. He signed on to the U.S. Army, and deserted his comrades in arms. It had been so long since he had been to the cave he had forgotten the traps he left to protect the ship, and nearly killed himself. He barely escaped with his life, and later met and fell in love with a Vietnamese woman, who is Thunder and Lightning's mother.

The Titans and company arrive at the HIVE base, and we are treated to this bit of dialogue:
“Don't ask me how, but the Titans have found us!”
“Look! They're coming closer!”
Well if they are looking for you and have found you, then yes they would be coming closer.

Anyways, the HIVE has finally totally subjugated T&L's father to their will, and get him to fight the Titans & Co. He mops up the Titans pretty quick, and he begs T&L to fight him, and reluctantly they do. Thus killing him in one shot, but freeing him from the HIVE. They are then able to take samples to put their disease in remission and use their powers without risk.

Now that is a cover, very well done. We are a lesser community without George Perez covers. I've always had a soft spot for Thunder and Lightning in their few appearances.

My only real problem with the book: the brothers talked telepathically with each other and sometimes it was hard to follow who was thinking what.

One last thing: I really liked how “alien” Thunder and Lightning's father looked. One eye, two arms, two legs, two tentacles, a tail, a crazy looking mouth, and his brain encased in glass on his back:

I'm assuming that they took after their mother!

Thunder & Lightning were just two of a variety of characters Wolfman and Perez introduced as perennial guest-stars like Frances Kane and Red Star. Some joined, some didn't. There was even some confusion on whether T & L were killed in the Crisis like Kole but they seemed to have survived.

Demi-gods with their names appeared in the Teen Titans animated series.
Heavens Travis, I've just worked it out. All this time you've been posting from Pluto, where the average day = 6.39 Earth days.

What're the heating bills like out there?


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