Ok, how about this for an idea.  We take it in turns to post a favourite (British spelling) comic cover every day.  This went really well on the comic fan website that I used to frequent.  What we tried to do was find a theme or subject and follow that, until we all got bored with that theme.  I'd like to propose a theme of letters of the alphabet. So, for the remainder of October (only 5 days) and all of November, we post comic cover pictures associated with the letter "A".  Then in December, we post covers pertaining to the letter "B".  The association to the letter can be as tenuous as you want it to be. For example I could post a cover from "Adventure Comics" or "Amazing Spider Man".  However Spider Man covers can also be posted when we're on the letter "S".  Adventure Comic covers could also be posted when we're on the letter "L" if they depict the Legion of Super Heroes.  So, no real hard, fast rules - in fact the cleverer the interpretation of the letter, the better, as far as I'm concerned.

And it's not written in stone that we have to post a cover every day. There may be some days when no cover gets posted. There's nothing wrong with this, it just demonstrates that we all have lives to lead.

If everyone's in agreement I'd like to kick this off with one of my favourite Action Comic covers, from January 1967. Curt Swan really excelled himself here.

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Here's a foreign-language statue cover.  Vanessa, friend of the spirits, in "The riddle of the white statue" and other eerie tales.

Another foreign-language cover.  Here's the Statue of Liberty in an unfamiliar setting, which presumably make it possible to estimate fairly closely the year in which this story is set!

A great giant stone head cover!

Steve W said:

Issue no 1 of All American Comics contained a statue - probably a good way of guaranteeing sales.

...That's interesting. I knew that GL was introduced later on in ALL-AMERICAN, and I knew that DC had MUTT & JEFF, but I didn't know that ALL_AMERICAN had strarted off as a predominantly strip reprints title! From DC, basically the first long-term successful comic book company to concentrate on original comic book material, too! Did DC drop everything else but M&J soon? Was all the original material Sheldon Mayer stuff? Actually, looking at the billing, I guess not.

  I have read very little SCRIBBLY material...maybe not any full stories at all? Especially non-Red Tornado ones? DC, for all their honoring SM as a DC father, reprints him little:-(.

Another living statue:

I think a case can be made that Chemo is a statue that came to life

Dave Palmer said:

I think a case can be made that Chemo is a statue that came to life

Or that the Metal Men are?

Could robots be a future topic? Just an idol idle thought.

Comic books: where some kid just happens to end up in a tomb containing a living mummy.

Another Superman statue, but this time it's Superman the 30th!

Okay, so the first Superman was born in the 20th century, and the 30th Superman was born in the 34th or 35th century, about 1500 years later.  Did every generation of Superman waited until the age of about 50 to start a family?  Or should we deduce that there were perhaps times when the line produced only girls, and the next Superman was the grandson or great-grandson of the previous one?

I think this must be a statue rather than Darkseid in person, though with his granite face, it's difficult to tell.

Ok, we're in the last third of the month, so how about a British comic cover? The Statue of Liberty isn't the only famous statue in the world you know.

Oh, and btw because of self-isolation, I'm now working from home as from Monday morning for the foreseeable future, so may get more time to post covers. How's everyone else coping?

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