Ok, here's an idea for a fun contest. I post a section from a comic cover and you guys try and guess what cover it's from.Whoever guesses correctly, gets to post a portion of a cover themselves, and we all get to guess. It's not good form to post a very tiny part of the cover, as it makes the contest too difficult.

Here's my starter - a clue is that this particular cover (like all of mine) is from the Silver-Age.

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Is it OK to go searching? I know this one but I'd have to look up the issue-number.

Of course! Search away!  It's a tricky one.

I had a good visual memory of this one. It's from Adventures of the Fly #29.

@Luke Blanchard - spot on Luke. Your turn!

I have a reprint of this issue but not the original issue, so this cut is from the original issue's GCD scan.

Ok, I'm really sorry, I know this one. I have a facsimile copy of this comic. It's "The Double Life of Private Strong #1"  - an Archie Comics June 1959 comic, and a Jack Kirby cover. Here's the whole cover.

Yes! But if you'll forgive me, the "filmstrips" look like Kirby's work and the aliens and soldiers could be, but the central figure doesn't.

Archie reportedly dropped the title because DC sent a cease letter claiming infringement of Superman. My theory is DC just looked at the cover. The Shield looks like Clark Kent stripping for action there, and one could mistake his mask for glasses he's taking off.

Yes, I can see the similarities between Clark changing and The Shield stripping. I never knew about the DC 'cease' letter.I guess it was successful, since I know of no further issues of "Private Strong".

Here's another cut from a cover. Clue -this is a silver-age DC cover.

There was a second issue The Double Life of Private Strong, but the GCD tells me Kirby only contributed the cover and a six-page story.

Steve W said:

Here's another cut from a cover. Clue -this is a silver-age DC cover.

That's from Teen Titans # 18 (Nov.-Dec., 1968).

I bought The Double Life of Private Strong #2 when it came out, loved it and still have it. I only recently bought a reprint of #1.

Absolutely correct @Commander Benson.  Here is the cover from which it was culled.

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