Just something that popped into my head this morning: how did MOgo patrol his sector of space? Presumably he was locked in orbit around a star so he couldn't just move around willy-nilly. Did he create constructs to do it for him? Was this question ever even asked?

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I don't think he was locked to a star. He obviously can travel, because he has done so to take part in various battles in various stories, and to get where he is now (where Oa used to be). Presumably he generates his own heat and whatever else a planet needs from a star.

I don't think he travels very fast, though.

Mogo and Ego carpool.

Ah, but who would win a rap battle between the two?

Doctor Hmmm? said:

Mogo and Ego carpool.

Mogo is all about law enforcement.  Ego's got thug life written all over him.  No contest.

Randy Jackson said:

Ah, but who would win a rap battle between the two?

Doctor Hmmm? said:

Mogo and Ego carpool.

I always assumed Mogo was a "rogue planet" in the sense that it was not in any star system.  Apparently,

there have been exoplanets of this type found in our galaxy; per real hard science astrophysics studies.


Since Mogo was introduced in a story titled "Mogo Doesn't Socialize", I'd think that he doesn't actually travel much, but whether that's because it's physically difficult for him or simply unnecessary is the question.  We know that all Space Sectors are not equally populous, so we have no idea how many life forms Mogo is responsible for, or how they are distributed thru his Sector.  As for Mogo's dependence, if any on the sun he may or may not naturally orbit, I can't see where it would be any more difficult for his ring to provide everything he needs while traveling than it is for the rings to provide the same (if on a smaller scale) for the more humanoid GLs while they flit around Outer Space at FTL speeds, altho Mogo's ring would also have to provide some sort of gravitational field to prevent Mogo's personal gravity from disrupting the orbits of any system he visits, which would be a bigger problem than Mogo himself traveling just like every other Green Lantern.  Likewise, there's the question of what happens to the other bodies in Mogo's home solar system when he has to leave--does he have to divert some of his power to keep his sibling planets from having their orbits disrupted?  Could he be the only planet orbiting his sun, and if so, does that mean he can come and go as he pleases?  The mind boggles.

Currently Mogo is in the Oan solar system, taking the place of the planet Oa. And he's been "dead" before for an unspecified time. He's also shown up at various battles at various times. Whatever his home system is, he hasn't been there in quite a while, so I don't think that's really an issue.

I did some research after this questions came up, and it was in his original story that the gravity bit was addressed. Mogo "doesn't socialize" because of the effect his gravity would have on any planet/solar system he visited. In subsequent stories, though, he uses power from the Central Power Battery to negate gravitic effects when traveling.

Speaking of Mogo using the Central Power Battery, that's what he uses to supply himself with whatever he needs that a star would do and whatever other needs he has. He doesn't need to orbit a star. Without the Battery's power, he goes into a comatose state.

Mogo also directs the power rings to new owners when the old one dies. In Crisis: 3 Legions, they finally explain why there's no Corps in the 31st century. By then, all the Lanterns are dead, including Mogo -- and without him, there's nothing to direct rings to new owners.

Mogo isn't actually a "him." His core is the combination of a female sentience and a male sentience. When he was "dead" a Star Sapphire directed the two parts back together so Mogo could re-form. He is usually referred to as a "he" for convenience's sake.

Mogo travels faster than light. He draws power from the Central Power Battery to do so. One imagines that requires an ENORMOUS amount of power. Do the rings go on the blink when Mogo moves? That hasn't been addressed.

I think I raised the topic before, but why does Earth's sector have multiple active GLs* when all of the other sectors seem to have one at a time? Did any of the writers address this?

*all from a single planet

Not only does Earth have six active Lanterns, but the first four all had the same phonology in their names:

Hal JOR dan

Guy GARD ner

John STEW art

Kyle RAY ner

I have no idea what that means, if anything. And they've abandoned the practice anyway with Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz.

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