Batman: The Brave and the Bold returns to Cartoon Network tonight at 6:30 p.m. with a story featuring Superman, Lois, Jimmy, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Krypto, Luthor, Brainiac, Kandor, red kryptonite, and even Giant Turtle Olsen!


Sounds very Silver Agey!



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Great minds...  ;)
Very impressive. I like how the real Silver Age lives on, but perhaps not in the comics themselves. Maybe they should think very hard about making a 'Superman Family' show!

ARGGGHHH! I missed it! I didn't think to check in time. And since this was a new thread rather than extension of one I'd commented on, I didn't get an e-mail that would've alerted me. Rats!

I don't think they're rerun during the week (or appear on Comcast's On Demand, darn the luck). I've really got to remember to set up to record it. I've missed a lot of them by now, I think. If anyone sees a rerun slot, let me know.

-- MSA

It was a real winner! Nearly every Silver Age Superman plot device was used. Superman was exposed to red kryptonite and turned into a jerk, making room for them to use a bunch of scenes from SA covers that showed Superman being a jerk! They switched the attempts to discover Superman's secret identity from Lois to Jimmy, but otherwise it was like watching an animated Mort Weisinger comic. I can't believe they crammed so much into 20 minutes and still made it make sense.


My favorite jerk moment was when Superman picked up the Kandor bottle, shook it a little bit, and exclaimed "earthquake."



You're not making me feel any better about missing it.

-- MSA

And Curt Swan had a cameo as the mayor of Metropolis. I bet it's on YouTube by now.
It WAS on YouTube! In two easy to watch parts. And it was a real hoot. What an homage to Silver Age Superman comics!

You're right, Hoy, they crammed in a lot of SA covers. Even Superman's crown came off a cover! Some of them--like the one of Lana's beach barbecue with Superman--were so unexpected I laughed right out loud. The Kandor scene was funny, and I especially liked the extra scream of terror as he dropped the bottle after Batman confronted him.

It was especially impressive to see quite a few questions from my Silver Age Trivia Panel at C2E2 shoot by, which probably would happen, considering what a big Superman-Batman SA fan I am. You have been warned.

The only part that wasn't impressive was the typical cartoon slugfest, which was definitely not SA. Batman would have had more of a plan than to simply go toe-to-toe with Superman. And the notion that he could hurt Superman--and that Supes could slug Batman so fully and have him just get right back up--didn't seem to fit. But I often find cartoon super-battles are just one guy hitting the other until it finally works.

Otherwise, what a cool episode! They had just enough campiness in Superman's presentation to keep it fun without going overboard (at least for me). They presented Metropolis as it was in the old Batman-Superman Adventures show, which was implausibly futuristic but fitting for Supes.

I loved.the ending, because I didn't see it coming but it was so classic--and one of my favorite SA battle plans.

And heck, how could I not love a Superman-Batman episode in which they even knew to include Koko?

I'll definitely have to go through the YouTube catalog to see what other ones I haven't seen. I saw a lot of possibilities. Thanks for the suggestion, Doc!

-- MSA

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