I thought it would be nice to have a catch-all thread for the current status of various comics characters.  As for definitions:

Alive: Said character has appeared in the last year.

Dead: Said character is (currently) dead to the best of knowledge.

Limbo: Said character hasn't been seen in some time.

Ideally, I'd like this to be a thread where someone can ask after the status of a character and someone else can answer.  I know I'm frequently curious about what's happening especially with supporting characters that have been created over the years.  In fact, I have a few now I'd like to find out about:

Trish Tilby

The Peacemaker

Jaime Reyes

Brenda and Paco (from Blue Beetle)

Blue Devil

Black Lightning


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I am only aware of the John Jones Martian Manhunter who debuted in 1955.

Ron M. said:

Wasn't there a pre-John Jones Martian Manhunter (there's that name Manhunter again! Considering no DC character ever held onto the name very long they sure did like using it) that appeared only once?

DC reprinted a lot of Doctor Fate stories in the 70s but only one with his half helmet so many readers were probably unaware that even had another look unlike the Atom and Sandman.

Since the alternate Earths idea started with Barry Allen meeting a character that hadn't been seen in several years, it would have made sense to just say anyone that got cancelled before Barry debuted was on the same world as the cancelled Flash, and any new characters since them belonging to Barry's world. It's with only the few Golden Agers that were still appearing in 1956 that there should have been any doubt about where they belonged. That would include the Quality heroes since Blackhawk and Plas both had their final issues after Showcase#4. The last Blackhawk was dated December 1956. Quality sold out just a little too soon. A second Heroic Age had started but they didn't know it yet. Imagine if they'd held out a few more years.


I knew I'd read about him in CBG once but couldn't find him mentioned anywhere except here. Erased in Crisis.

Okay, no idea why, but clicking his page just sent me to a blank page. Scroll down past John Jones and you'll see a picture of Roh-Kar. Click it and it should go to his page.

The Martian Manhunter debuted in the story "The Strange Experiment of Dr. Erdel" in Detective Comics #225 (NOV55). This was almost a year before the Silver Age Flash debuted in Showcase #4 (SEP-OCT56).

After you supplied the character's name I was able to find it. A better link is


He appeared in Batman #78 (AUG-SEP53) in an apparent one-shot story actually titled "The Manhunter from Mars." GCD has his name erroneously spelled Rob Kar.

That explains why there's nothing under Roh-Kar on the GCD, and Roh Kar just notes he died in the first issue of a 2006 Martian Manhunter series.

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