Did anyone else catch the first episode of this new SyFy original series on Monday nights? The 90-minute debut was July 11, but it’s being repeated (and it's probably online, too). We caught it last night. It’s about a clandestine yet dysfunctional government sponsored team of operatives with special abilities. The pilot set up the premise and introduced the characters, but there’s still a whole lot to be revealed. Even if you can’t watch the first episode, you should try to tune in for the second. This show has the potential to be the new Heroes (good first season Heroes, I mean).

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Whoops. (Thanks for the correction, though.)
I'm starting to wonder if I actually like these characters enough to keep watching them.  I want to like Dr. Rosen, but more and more he just seems like a whiny, manipulative hypocrite.
I like Gary. I don't like Bill (not usually, not very much). Rosen is definitely wishy-washy. The day will come when he's going to have to choose sides.
I softened on Bill when he started to warm up to Gary.  "Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure" was a really good episode.
I'm a few weeks behind on the show, but I have decided to keep recording it. The American version of "Being Human" did not make that cut.

I had a whole lot I wanted to say about that episode, Darin, but I happened to be very busy that week and by the time things slowed down I had forgotten what I wanted to say. When the title appeared on screen, ny wife said, "Oh, great... my favorite character trams up with my least favorite." I was a good episode, though.


Tim, I think Tracy and I watched only one episode each of both the British and American versions of Being Human.

I've really enjoyed the British version, but the American version didn't click with me, even after I gave it a 4-episode trial.
Only one episode left in the first season.
That’s a wrap! The season finale introduces a whole new paradigm going forward. I found Alphas to be very dark in comparison to Heroes (the only other show of its kind, apart from No Ordinary Family which is also cancelled); also, the characters on Alphas aren’t as likeable. Alphas is not as good as good Heroes, but better than bad Heroes. Anyway, it’s something to watch during the summer repeat doldrums.

Alphas is not as good as good Heroes, but better than bad Heroes.

I think that's a fair assessment.  I don't think that it's a bad thing that the characters on Alphas aren't as likeable as the characters on Heroes (and I'm not suggesting that you do, either).  For starters, I think they're less likeable because they're more realistic, and less melodramatic.

It's only a problem if you find that you don't enjoy spending time with those characters -- a issue I've been wrestling with with this show.  On balance, I'm enjoying what I see enough to keep coming back.


I hadn’t heard anything about this show since the first season ended last September. It wouldn’t have surprised me if it wasn’t renewed, but it did surprise me very much (pleasantly, I assure you), when my DVR picked up a new first-run episode on Monday night thanks to last year’s settings. Season one did provide and ending… a downbeat and depressing one, but an ending nonetheless. Good to have something new to watch in the midst of the summer doldrums.

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