Did anyone else catch the first episode of this new SyFy original series on Monday nights? The 90-minute debut was July 11, but it’s being repeated (and it's probably online, too). We caught it last night. It’s about a clandestine yet dysfunctional government sponsored team of operatives with special abilities. The pilot set up the premise and introduced the characters, but there’s still a whole lot to be revealed. Even if you can’t watch the first episode, you should try to tune in for the second. This show has the potential to be the new Heroes (good first season Heroes, I mean).

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Hmmm ... Alphas, White Collar, Burn Notice, Perception, Leverage ... plus Logo running the 1st season of Misfits and WETA-UK running Hustle. Nope, no summer doldrums in my house.

I like the new character* introduced in Monday's episode. She will make a good addition to the team.

*She has "photographic reflexes" (like Taskmaster), but she cannot remember anything for more than 30 days.

Me, too.  I also like giving Rachel a potential love interest.  And that Bill -- the big, tough, childless guy whose power, basically, is the ability to hit stuff hard -- seems to have a knack for bonding with young people.  (And, it looks like, a budding Fight Club problem).

I like this show because it's about People with powers, not Powers with people.

I'm not sure moving into the office is the best move for Gary. Moving out from his mother's house maybe, but I wouldn't for anyone to live where they work, much less someone like Gary.

I'm not sure moving into the office is the best move for Gary.

Maybe not, but it's an understandable choice.  The office is (a) within Gary's comfort zone and (b) probably the place he most associates with a life independant of his mother. 

Ryan Cartwright is just so wonderful in this part.

Firefly… Terminator… Alphas… put Summer Glau in any show and chances are I’ll watch it. She’s just so gosh-darned cute! Next week: the second season finale.

I really like Alphas, but it's on my "save until I'm in the right mood" list.  It's so dark and downbeat.  Last night, The Lovely and Talented gave me a choice between Aphas and Castle, and I went with the goofy fun show.

Between Alphas and Misfits, I'm currently watching two "people with powers" shows -- completely different in so many ways, but both smart, well-written and well-acted.

For a long, long time, I would have been happy to have even one show like that to watch.

I know what you mean about the dark tone. Dr. Rosen in particular is much more threatening than he was in season one. When you watch last night's episode, you'll see what I mean. Maybe he's always been that way and we're only now seeing how dangerous he can be. Jus because he's soft-spoken doesn't mean he's a nice guy.

Bad news for this underrated little gem of a show -- Syfy's decided to cancel it.




I thought the series had really started to become something special in its second season, and I'm a little sad to see it go.  Between this news and the upcoming end of Fringe later tonight, it's kind of a bad time for fans of ambitious, risk-taking science fiction television.

Aw... I'm disappointed. :(


Well, thanks for letting me know.

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