• Kevin Bacon once had to remove a ‘haunted’ house from his property for fear he’d get ‘possessed’

    (transcribed below)

    If starring roles in “Flatliners” and “Stir of Echoes” taught Kevin Bacon anything, it’s not to mess with the spirit world.

    On a recent episode of Rob Lowe’s podcast “Literally!”, Bacon recounted a somewhat creepy story about some farmland property he had purchased in northwestern Connecticut in 1983.

    The “Footloose” star had been slowly acquiring parcels of land in the area, but the previous owner refused to sell one particular parcel because of the “abandoned house” that was on it, in which he grew up.

    “He says, ‘I can’t sell it to you because it’s haunted. I’m afraid that you’ll get possessed and do some serious damage,’” Bacon told Lowe on the podcast.

    “We finally came to an agreement, in the contract, that I had to destroy it within a month (of purchase).”

    An incredulous Lowe asked Bacon if he at least went up and spent one night in the haunted house before taking it down, which Bacon said he didn’t dare do. But nonetheless, he was tempted by one thing.

    “I went up there, and there were some beautiful old pine boards and a banister, and I said to Kyra (Sedgwick, his wife), ‘We gotta take those out.’ And she’s like, ‘No you’re not. You’re not putting those f**king things in our house!’”

    Turns out that Sedgwick was the one to remember the horror movie know-how when it comes to suspicious places that might spell trouble.

    As for Bacon, however, he says that all his horror movie experience hasn’t turned him into a believer.

    “When you’re in a scary movie, everybody wants to know, ‘Have you ever seen a ghost, or do you believe in ghosts?’” he observed to Lowe on the podcast. “And the thing I always say is, I would really love to. But as of yet, it just hasn’t happened. But I hope someday that it will.”
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    The mounts' movements are likely asynchronous. I don't know this is likely to turn out well.

    • Yeah, I think the white horse is rolling its eyes in disbelief at its rider's behaviour!

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    From "Toni Gayle", Young King Cole #2. Art by Wayne Boring.
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    That wouldn't work in space.

    From The Phantom Planet, a movie adaptation comic numbered as Dell Four Color #1234. The GCD attributes the art to Jack Lehti. The movie appeared in 1961 and might be in the public domain.

    There are differences between the movie and the adaptation, including a sharply different end, which might mean the comic was based on a pre-final version of the script.

    The hero was played by Dean Fredericks, who Wikipedia tells me appeared on TV as Kaseem in Jungle Jim and as the star in Steve Canyon. Richard Kiel played the Solarite and Sessom was the silent star Francis X. Bushman.

    • The Phantom Planet was the movie that was riffed in Show 902 of Mystery ScienceTheater 3000. I've never seen the un-riffed version.

    • The un-riffed version is streaming on Amazon for $1.99. It's also available for free (with commercials) on other services.

  • From Captain Atom #88 (Charlton):


    The story was written by David Kaler and pencilled by Steve Ditko. It looks to me like Kaler's visual description of the panel was lettered in as the above-panel caption. Here's the panel in context (click to enlarge):


  • A good article (with clips) about animated movies that can be hard to take.
    "Cartoons aren't funny anymore"

    The Kids Animated Movies That Will Break Adults
    Some people mistakenly believe animation is just kids stuff, but the real ones know that the best animated movies leave lifetime trauma.
  • From this week's Beano (#4208, 21-Oct-23), in the strip Betty and the Yeti (think a British version of Stanley and his Monster).  Betty takes the Yeti to the cinema, which turns out to be having a Red Carpet premiere for Mission Improbable 19.  She has disguised him in a dress and wig in the hope that he doesn't get noticed.  Unsurprisingly, this doesn't work, and the Yeti gets mobbed by reporters mistaking him for either Chris Hemsworth or Sam Ryder (who is apparently a singer and social media personality).

    The resulting scene makes the front page of the Beanotown Bugle, which includes a very familiar-looking image.


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