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When I was reading the WGBS Superman stories, no one seemed to fall or be pushed out of a window while he was on the air. How convenient!

So they knew in 1978 that movies didn't make people want to read comics, yet they are still relearning this in 2021.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

I think I've figured out why I'm never going to get that Bronze Age Superman omnibus I've been wanting.

NYCC ’21: At long last, Vaughan & Staples’s SAGA has a return date

Hooray! It's been so long I almost forgot it was coming back.

Holy obscure references!

Batman Trivia Quiz!

I think I got about 24 right.

I dispute several of the answers. For example...

"In the original comic, what movie were the Wayne's [sic] seeing the might they are murdered?"

According to "The Legend of the Batman--Who He is and How He Came to Be" (Batman #1, Spring 1940), the movie was not identified. also...

"According the the comics, who killed Bruce Wayne's parents?"

That depends on which comics. According to "The Origin of Batman" (Batman #47, 1948), the answer is Joe Chill, but that fact has been reset more than once. 

Joe Chill was the first killer named, however.

You should consider sending feedback. I've taken issue once or twice in the past with questions.

"Joe Chill was the first killer named, however."

By the same token, Alfred's first surname was "Beagle," not "Pennyworth." 

I got 25. I whiffed on #10 in the first round "What 1987 comic tells of the early days of Batman?" by answering The Untold Legend of The Batman, which was in 1980. The other four I missed were about comics I haven't read because they came out after I reached the "I Can't Stand It Any More!" point with all things Batman.

And Archie's Moose Mason was originally "Moose McGee." Maybe that's in Earth-2's Riverdale continuity?

Jeff of Earth-J said:

"Joe Chill was the first killer named, however."

By the same token, Alfred's first surname was "Beagle," not "Pennyworth." 

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The Justice League comes to an end in 'Justice League' #75

Posted by Captain Comics on January 20, 2022 at 5:30pm 2 Comments

Joshua Williamson & Rafa Sandoval Team up for the Final Issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE out on April 19…



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