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Marvel announces Thor 3: Ragnarok is too dark so they're getting someone that directs comedies to direct it.

Because, of course, the end of the world is no reason to be serious...

Rumor is the Hulk will be in it, and possibly Valkyrie and Surtur.

There were strange patches on the map and they never bothered to examine them to see what they were?

Getting no supplies or other contact with England, some probably went to Croatan Island, some went inland (gold, remember). Some likely intermarried with the Native Americans and some likely came into conflict with them and perished. I think they were trying at a recent time to trace DNA among Native Americans whose forebears had been there at that time to see if some of the known families were in their ancestry. I haven't heard if they found anything, which probably means they didn't.

Rumors that Marvel might get back Fantastic Four rights in return for Fox being allowed to make X-Men TV series apparently false. Also Fox may not be able to give back all rights. I've heard Constantin Film (they made the Roger Corman FF movie) still has some rights to the franchise.

"Jefferson-Era Chemistry Hearth Preserved in Rotunda Wall"

My hat-tip to the site via which I was first led to the story.

Carrie Fisher says she thinks the new Star Wars film is cursed. She was driving one day when the steering wheel came off her car. A few days later Harrison Ford was in a plane crash. She said bad things happen in threes and she's worried something might happen to Mark Hamill next.

Neighbors ride their horses around and around and around in the street in front of my home until one of the horses craps all over the middle of the street. Then they ride away leaving it there for someone else to pick up. Everyone in the neighborhood just ignores this and looks the other way. Can't say I blame them, since I already know the police will do nothing.

I just was on a successful panel on Marvel, DC, and their differing approaches to movies/TV. A video of the Con is here, though blocked in some countries for copyright issues:

Actor playing Baron Zemo in Civil War states he won't be wearing a mask. Then he's not Baron Zemo and shouldn't be called that.

In Back to the Future when Marty contacts Doc in the past the latter is wearing a contraption that's supposed to allow him read minds. It hit me the other day that this was a homage to Disney's The Misadventures of Merlin Jones.

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