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I'd like the briefs on that case.

Doctor Hmmm? said:

Revenge on his nemesis, The Tighty Whitey?

Captain Comics said:

I fear the Red Thong might be in the game for something other than justice.

Ronald Morgan said:

Building in Los Angeles announces slide 1000 feet up that will allow people to slide 40 feet from the 70th floor to the 69th floor. Despite being only 1 1/4" thick they assure people the glass will hold up to hurricanes and earthquakes. Hercules once said in Marvel Team-Up that he couldn't understand why mortals chose to do stupid things that could get them killed.

I saw a story on TV about it. My thought was "NO WAY!"

Zack Snyder should direct a dark, gritty reimagining of this classic from the 1970s:

The Zack Snyder version.

Wasn't the second one on the cover of an issue of Watchmen?

"I could dance like this forever!" "Oh, no, you're bound to improve!"

I remember Bing Crosby saying that to Fred Astaire in an old song. Fred says he got his dancing ability from his parents who were a dance team. "I see. And you're the throwback." Fred responded by insulting Bing's singing. "I'm loosening up." "Hm. Sounds more like you're falling apart." They both say they got the insults from Bob Hope. "I got that from Hope too, wish he had it back." I doubt many performers today would take digs about their talent with such good humor.

From Rangers of Freedom #3 (Fiction House, Feb. 1942 [on-sale Nov. 1941]).

This post displaced the thread Lost In Space (American Gothic Press) from the homepage.

Disturbing image warning. Click to enlarge.

Ad from the back cover of Rangers of Freedom #6 (Fiction House, 1942). From the scan of the issue at Comic Book Plus.

This one is unmissable (click to enlarge):

This is from the "Iron Ace" story in Air Fighters Comics v.1 #5 (Hillman, 1943). From the scan of the issue at Comic Book Plus.

In his other identity the Iron Ace is named Captain Britain. The story is basically a long fight, but it reads pretty well. The GCD attributes the likeable art to Fred Kida.

I just read the entire story. Very interesting.

Not just "Thor" but "The Mighty Thor." Stan or Jack must have seen this story at some point. Hammer is fairly close, but something's wrong with a Viking dressed like a Greek soldier. Also "Captain Britain" would have been a better name of the hero than "Iron Ace." In the 70s Marvel's Thor would make the mistake of briefly working with the Nazis in the Invaders, so Roy probably read this too. I've seen this artist before. Another guy that suddenly dropped off the radar after the Code. Just how much did Wertham actually cause us to lose?

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