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A detective was assigned to Tracy's case on Friday, but she (the detective) hasn't contacted her yet. the detective has Sundays and Mondays off, so maybe tomorrow...?

Today, I received a call on my cell phone. The guy, Nick, said he was from my office's landlord. Even when I specifically asked, Nameless Nick didn't offer his last name. He said he was calling to find out about my office, how we were coping with the coronavirus situation, did we need anything? *** Were we still working in the office!?!

I told him that he was not getting any information from me. I said I didn't know him, that my landlord had not communicated to us that he was working in our building. I told him to communicate with my office through the right channels.

Then I hung up on him.

I'm not playing around. I mean business, more so than usual. 

Good for you, Tracy! 

Everyone be careful! The scammers and spammers are out in full force!

Some co-workers had a virtual happy hour on Zoom today, and thanks to DC this was my background:

Jeff of Earth-J said:

A detective was assigned to Tracy's case on Friday, but she (the detective) hasn't contacted her yet. the detective has Sundays and Mondays off, so maybe tomorrow...?

Good luck. Many, many moons ago, when I lived in Florida, my car was stolen from my driveway while my wife and I slept. We reported it, and a uniformed detective came by and took a report. The thief got into by punching out the door lock, which I found on the grass. 

A few days later, I got a call from an apartment complex a mile or so away; the thief had abandoned the car on their grounds. We found that they had stolen the wheels, which apparently were fancy enough to attract their attention. The car itself, not so much. They gouged foul words into the paint on all sides.

Fortunately, insurance covered replacing the wheels, tires and repainting the car. 

"They gouged foul words into the paint on all sides."

A perfect example of "adding insult to injury."

Tracy has heard from the detective since my last post. We were told cases have up to a two year minimun to file. That's under normal circumstances. Under the current circumstances, requests from the property room are significantly delated. Currently the detective is writing warrants from the end of January, the beginning of February.

We have seen a picture of the thief. In Target, where he used two of her cards back-to-back, he was wearing a surgical mask. then he went to a nearby liquor store and took the mask off. It is my understanding that he didn't use one of Tracy's cards at the liquor store, so I'm not certain how the police knew to check the video feed, but they have a good picture of the "criminal Mastermind's" face from there. they also know he drieves a Ford Fusion from surveilance footage, but the license plate was not visible.

Tracy's suffering from a diagnosed form of PTSD and is hypersensitive about security issues. A car was parked in from of our house over the weekend with two guys sitting in it, and she took pictures.

In the last two hours, I have learned of the passings of three old friends. Two were killed together in a car accident yesterday afternoon, and I don't know details on the other. I haven't seen any of them face-to-face in some time, but I still always enjoyed talking with all three of them. They will be missed.

That's too bad, Tim. My condolances.

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