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I was expecting Tom Tyler ...

Yep.... Still getting about every third update.

JD DeLuzio said:

Is anyone else finding that alerts to updates on posts are inconsistent?

Gif somewhat related:

A couple of times a day I check the home page to see if it has updates I don't remember seeing.


Doctor Hmmm? said:

I was expecting Tom Tyler ...

The 1968 movie Luana was promoted in the US, where it was released in 1972, by art by Russ Manning and Frank Frazetta. Manning drew a short newspaper strip sequence selling the story of the film. Erbzine has a gallery of their art here.

The IMDB says the movie's original Italian title was Luana la figlioa delle foresta vergine. According to the trivia section, for its American release Alan Dean Foster novelised it: "However, at the time the only available copy of the script was in Italian, which Foster couldn't read, so the publisher arranged for him to view the film; but the print that was screened was also only in Italian, with no English subtitles. So Foster wrote a new novel from scratch, finding inspiration in the Frank Frazetta painting that the distributor had chosen for the US poster."

A local artist, one whose cover design for my forthcoming collection has my attention and the attention of the publisher, did this sketch of Patti from The Con. I thought it captured her rather well. The glasses have changed, because he based them on ones she's described wearing in a later story, set a few years after the events of the novel:

I ordered a two-piece meal at KFC and received two thighs and a drumstick along with the green beans and a biscuit. Yay! My Dr Pepper tasted like tonic water. Boo!


That's excellent! Where is that?

And are you still in touch with Wendy and Wonder Dog?

Doctor Hmmm? said:

It's Cincinnati's Union Terminal, opened in 1933. Not surprisingly, it's frequently cited as the real life model for the Hall of Justice. It's now the centerpiece for the city's Museum Center.
I was just noodling around looking for things to do while in Cincinnati, saw the picture and went "Holy Crap!" Even knowing what I was going to see, when I crested the hill I still couldn't help shouting "It's the Hall of Justice!" and laughing like a crazy person.
The Lovely thinks I'm still 10 years old. She's not wrong.

The real Bass Reeves, recently portrayed on Legends of Tomorrow.

Was he the inspiration for the Lone Ranger?

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