Aquaman Archives.

Can someone tell me if an Aquaman Archives Volume 2 exists? A national book chain has such a book listed on it's website, complete with ISBN  number. Everytime I look it up it is listed as "out of stock, unavailable". I find no trace of it anywhere else, so I wondered if anyone out there has it. Thanks for reading, JB.

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  • I've never heard of or seen Aquaman Archives Vol. 2.

    I'm 99% certain it doesn't exist.

  • The Grand Comics Database only lists one issue/volume of the Aquaman Archives, too. 

  • Now I'm 100% certain.

  • I have found references to Aquaman Archives Vol. 2, and even a list of contents, at various places -- but wherever there is a publishing date, it's "TBD." All of my regular sources of info suggest only one has been published. I have seen no evidence that Volume 2 was ever published.

    The material that was scheduled for that book is available though, in Showcase Presents: Aquaman vol 1, albeit in B&W. There are two more volumes, which carries us into 1968.

    I'd love an Omnibus of this material, and I'd love even more a Golden Age Omnibus, a la Green Arrow. It's odd that DC hasn't flooded the market with Aquaman material, what with the movie's success. Maybe Nick Cardy's Aquaman simply doesn't look enough like Jason Momoa.

  • Looking at Comixology, it seems that less than half the issues slated for this archive have been digitized.  I suspect, we won't see an archive edition until the various single issues have all been converted to digital format.  The complete volume would include:

    Showcase #s 32-33, Adventure Comics #284, Detective Comics #s 293-300, World's Finest Comics #s 125-133, and Aquaman #s 1-9.

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