Well , are you ?

I mean , I summed it all up in the header...........

  If so , will you go to a Friday , 12:01 A.M. show , as I may do , as the pretty nearby multiplex in Santa Cruz IS doing ?

  I mean ( Warning - Sarcasm/" doubled??-back irony "/whatever approacheth . ) gawwrssh , we're all " nerds/geeks " and this is supposed to be our moment for the summer , anyway --- ISN'T it ?????????

  Oh , and is it an " intended " 3-D film ?

  It appears said SC m-p is offering a 3-D as well as flat version , but I don't recall the advance publicity mentioning any " Hawk-arrow in your lap " version .

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How much traffic could there be at midnight? Even in Memphis?


Well, Memphis is a pretty "happening" place.  They have a pyramid, you know.

Probably not, unless my friends really want to go. Otherwise I'll be surrounded by a bunch of annoying teenagers, so I can wait.

We saw The Hunger Games surrounded by teens and it was awesome...I love a lot of audience reaction to big films.

I love alot of "Shut the hell up I'm trying to hear the movie" reaction to big films.

I just bought my ticket for the midnight show tonight. 


Now, I have to worry that I won't get home from work in time ...  

More power to ya.  I don't mind audience reactions, I mind all of the non-movie watching going on. I hate their talking throughout the movies. Looking at their phones. I can wait a week and not be nearly as bothered.

Doc Beechler (mod-MD) said:

We saw The Hunger Games surrounded by teens and it was awesome...I love a lot of audience reaction to big films.

I'm going SOMETIME this weekend.  It depends on when I am babysitting the granddaughter.  At five months she's a bit too young  to take to the movie.  But soon!

I'm seeing it Friday night at the 8:15 pm showing.
..I am , now , on SC main drag Pac. Ave waitkng/counting to midnite show .Theayter starts lstting in at tenn p.m. Am seeing 2D .

Captain Comics said:

Bought tix for the midnight show Friday a couple of nights ago, since I work til 11:30 on Fridays and Saturdays and didn't want to take any chances.


Incidentally, there's already a minor thread going on this topic on the Events calendar.

...Here I is , .bout 15mins till...

Dare you to post in the middle of the film...

I went last night! It was awesome! That's all I'm gonna say!

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