I apologize if there's an existing Arrow thread, but I went back 10 pages and didn't see one.

Anyhow, Arrow Season 3 debuted Oct. 7. If you haven't been following it, it's not the story of Green Arrow ... yet. Arrow is taking the Smallville route of showing how the hero emerges rather than beginning with one.

To wit, Green Arrow isn't called that yet. He's been called The Vigilante, The Hood, The Archer and probably some other things. Now he's being called Arrow. It's only one more step to "Green Arrow."

He started out as a killer. He's learned to restrain himself.

The police originally wanted to arrest him. After two seasons, he's been more or less deputized -- by the guy who used to be his harshest critic, but now loves him. And that critic is moving up the ladder in the police force. Could he become Arrow's Commissioner Gordon?

He's located in Starling City, but it's pretty obvious that the city's name is soon going to be changed to ... aw, you guessed.

Black Canary isn't Dinah Lance ... yet. Black Canary has been Dinah's sister Sara for about a year, with an origin out of Batman (Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins). But she got killed very persuasively in the season premiere, so ... will her sister take up the mantle? (Magic 8-Ball says "yes.")

Lots of DC characters on this show, slightly askew from their DC origins. Amanda Waller is here. The aforementioned Ra's al Ghul. One of Ra's daughters is here -- not Talia, but another one that showed up in the comics briefly. Huntress has appeared a couple of times. "Diggle" is a character that was invented for the show, but now he's appeared in Green Arrow comics proper. Deathstroke is here, having gotten superhuman powers from "Mirakuru" which I think is a nod to Hourman's Miraclo. Yes, we've got Roy Harper, but he is never called Speedy and jumps straight to being called Arsenal. Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) has arrived as a character named Ray Palmer ... and my guess is he'll audition for a very small show soon. And so on. Half the fun of the show is the Easter eggs!

Steve Arnell is very convincing as Arrow, moving quickly enough and acrobatically enough that I can believe (just barely) that he hasn't been shot yet.

I'm sorry to see Sara go, because I'm not very impressed with the actress who plays Dinah, who seems to have graduated from the Blake Lively School of Stand There and Look Pretty and Vapid.

I have more to say, but I want to hear from you folks!

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Mr. Silver Age said:

I'm pretty well martial-artsed-out by now (although it seems really easy to pick it up). Even the flashbacks, which I liked much more than I'd expected, were a bore this year. How many times can we run through the marketplace in Hong Kong?

They sure had Laurel trained really fast. She was standing up to well-trained killers from the get-go. This was almost as bad as the Batgirl character in the movie Batman and Robin simply putting on a costume to become a hero. They showed very little of Laurel's training. If it lasted awhile they didn't make that clear. Eventually I think they recognized this and had Nyssa offer to train her further. The canary cry helps a lot too.

The fact that this thread hasn't had any comments as Arrow revved up to its conclusion and then wrapped things up indicates others weren't impressed either, I think.

Until the very end it was dragging. I like that Ollie was able to convince everyone that he had really gone bad, but managed not to kill anyone, IIRC. I guess all the training finally enabled him to beat Ra's al Ghul. I thought it was amusing that Malcolm Merlyn didn't pronounce Ra's al Ghul correctly until he became him.

But c'mon--didn't we all think giving Thea the nickname "Speedy" was a little goofy? And yet, here she is! I like her in that red hood way better than I was liking "Arsenal."

It did fit that she already had that name. Was she supposed to become the hero Speedy from the beginning? Her red color is bright, unlike Arsenal's.

It'll be interesting to see what Ollie's got in mind for his new identity or what the plan is. Obviously, his vacation is going to end, but where it goes seems to be more up in the air than I expected.

Referring to your link, I'm not familiar with H.I.V.E. Maybe his new identity will be Green Arrow?

I was irritated that Laurel seemed to come up to speed a little too fast. I mean, sure, some training will help her with street thugs, but toward the end of the season she was whipping two or three League of Assassins killers at a time.

I guess one reason Ollie didn't tell anyone about his deal with Malcolm is that it involved him becoming Ra's al Ghul. That would be a pill to swallow for Team Arrow. In fact, it's a pill for me as well.

What set my wife off was how Ollie inoculated Team Arrow before exposing them to the gas. Really? A band-aid on Malcolm's hand? For everyone? And nobody noticed the supervillain making an effort to touch them on their bare skin?

But, again, the visuals are pretty awesome. And as long as Ollie keeps taking his shirt off, my wife will watch.

Season 4 begins on Wednesday October 7, 2015. I guess there will be a separate thread for it.

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