Apparently this happened over the weekend and was announced on Monday.

A story here

Man, that is just too bad. I remember the great work he did on Batman in the 90s, and 58 is just way too young.

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A great loss of one of the best Bat-artists ever!

Batman: Holy Terror is one of my favorite Elseworlds. I enjoyed his other stuff in Batman and Detective Comics, too. 

My report for Bam Smack Pow: "Batman Artist Norm Breyfogle Dies"

Ah, shame.


The ironic part I just ordered the Legends of the Dark Knight book 2 of his art last night.

The horrible part is that his art was the first I could recognize. His Batman was the first I read in comics form in Detective Comics.

I am happy that he is out of the misery he must have been in since his stroke. But we have lost one of the best Bat-artists of the last three decades.

Man, that's a shame. There's a lot of his Batman run that I never read, but I always enjoyed his stylish art.

And I really enjoyed his work on the Flash Elsworlds miniseries, Flashpoint, too. (Yep, it was really called that.)

Oh man.  So sad.  58 is just way too young.

I remember thinking his work in Detective Comics was so different when he started on the title.  I really didn't think it would grow on me, as it was so different from the DC house style of the day, but it did after a few issues.   There was really something special about his initial run with Alan Grant and John Wagner (Detective 583-594, 596-597) - memorable new villains like Scarface and the Ventriloquist, Ratcatcher, and Cornelius Stirk, with little use of the old rogues, Robin, much of the supporting cast, or even Bruce Wayne himself. 

Two things Norm did really stood out to me - his rendition of the Batmobile, and Batman's cape.  Brilliant work.

Nice article with a lot of information.

ClarkKent_DC said:

My report for Bam Smack Pow: "Batman Artist Norm Breyfogle Dies"

I have both of his Legends of the dark Knight collections. I will likely read one or two of those stories tonight. Before he did Batman at DC, he did whisper at First. That's where I first encountered his work.

Sad news, indeed.

ClarkKent_DC said:

My report for Bam Smack Pow: "Batman Artist Norm Breyfogle Dies"

Richard Willis said:

Nice article with a lot of information.

Thank you. That's what I strive for, each time out.

He did create (co-create with Alan Grant?) a lot of great villains. My favorite is the original version of Anarky. I love how striking his design is. So different from anything else.

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