In addition to the Marvel Masterworks that have been coming out for twenty years or so now,

Marvel is also issuing Atlas Comics era Masterworks that collect approximately four volumes for each of the series "Tales of Suspense", "Tales to Astonish", "Journey into Mystery", "Strange Tales" and others.

I was wondering which of the series has the best representation of early but recognizable work by the Silver Age Marvel Bullpen....Kirby, Lee, Ditko, Colan, Wood, etc.

Are the stories as good as they seem? Or are they dreck?  Would you recommend buying any of them?

Second, It would appear that Amazing Adult Fantasy have only been collected or reprinted in an Omnibus edition.  Is it worth it at almost $100 per volume, to collect and enjoy those early Ditko works?

PS: My LCBS clerk/manager is a BIG Ditko fan, and he's urging me to order one of these. (I suspect it may be so that he can tell me that it didn't come in yet, and take it home to read, but I digress...)

Are they in fact available any more? Where's the best source for them?

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I think if there had been MORE sexual imagry, or some consistancy as it was done, I'd be more willing to believe that it was intended. If anything, I think that Stan and Martin Goodman would have reacted to it negatively...and if it had been blatent, the Comics Code Authority would have rejected it. The last think Atlas/Marvel would have wanted was controversey that might have upset the apple cart, so to speak.

I accept all that, and it would have been pretty sicko of them to try to put anything more graphic into comics which were aimed at kids, the word 'Adult' in the title notwithstanding!


Still, so long as they had the defence that "sometimes a broomstick (or carnivorous spaceship) is just a broomstick (or carnivorous spaceship)" then they did have quite a latitude to use suggestion and association to artistic effect.  Also, to anyone who doesn't know much about the dark byways of adult sexuality (ie kids), these comics aren't suggestive at all.  


My point is that because kids can only read them on one level doesn't say we have to.  Ditko was an adult when he drew them, and we're all adults here looking at them, so there's two good reasons not to look at them through that filter.


I'm just saying that sequences like these you are highlighting should be seen as more than just inadvertant mistakes by the artists, there just to be snickered at.


Although we can snicker too.


(And its all just grist to the mill - tomorrow we can talk about Iron Man's clunky grey armour or something else.  If it's there in the comics we don't have to justify talking about it, surely?  Anyway, I'll let go of it now.)

The Martians sure look like Skrulls. But were they green in their original appearance or colored that way in the omnibus to make them look like Skrulls?

The other stuff...never saw the witch story before but I've seen the other story and never thought anything wrong about the ending. Wouldn't have thought anything about the witch story either if I hadn't read everybody's comments. Or Pouch in Dick Tracy. I just thought it was weird and creepy that the guy ws walking tupperware. Obviously nobody thought anything back then about the comic book stories or the Comics Code wouldn't have passed them.

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