My comic book club (which is almost three years old now!) is picking the next six months or so of titles, and I needed to pick the boards' brain on a few titles. The ones we're voting on are:

Fables: Legends in Exile
Swamp Thing: Love and Death
Scott Pilgrim
Death: Time of Your Life
Walking Dead
Immortal Iron Fist: The Last Iron Fist Story
New Avengers

For Authority, Wikipedia lists Relentless as the first tpb; is that a good starting place?

I don't really know anything about Scott Pilgrim. Is anyone here reading it?

New Avengers only seems to be out in HC. Was there a tpb version at some point that I'm not finding?

Here's a list of what we've read in the past, if anyone is interested.

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Relentless is a pretty good starting place for the Authority. It's a great job of establishing just who the Authority are and why they exist. It also does a good job of pointing out the moral fine line they toe in terms of separating them from the villains.

Zot is pretty good, but I'd likely take either Swamp Thing or Authority over that one. EDIT: having seen what you've read, you may be Alan Moore'd out; so I'd recommend Authority

I'm not sure which Fables issue that trade covers, but it's generally a solid title. I haven't read the others, so no opinion.
Fables: Legends in Exile is the first one in the series, so its a good place to start. It looks like a good change of gears from most of the ones on your list that you've already read.

Of course if you liked Swamp Thing, or Death, then the sequels to each on your list are worth reading. They both sustain or surpass what you've already read in each series.

I haven't read it yet, but Scott Pilgrim is much loved by seemingly everyone who writes about it!

The Authority is high-octane superhero fun. Really fast-paced and full of fun ideas and great 'wide-screen' art.

New Avengers is now up to Book 10 in trade paperback as it started in 2004. It's been the backbone of the Marvel Universe for most of that time, which is why I've read just about all of it, but at the same time I'm not a big fan. Mostly its superheroes sitting around talking in Bendis weird trademark mannered dialogue and occasionally watching tv (slight exageration!)

Because it is tied into what happens in big crossovers like Civil War, it doesn't feel like a satisfying read by itself

Are you guys thinking of reading it from the start? I'd read all the other books on that list first...

If you wanted books that jumped into the thick of the Marvel Universe, Civil War (which is ok), Secret Invasion (which I didn't like personally) or World War Hulk (brilliant) are probably better as complete reads. For good books set in the Marvel Universe by Bendis, I'd go for his Alias (as long as you are all grown-ups) or Daredevil.
That sounds like a really cool club, Katy. I wish I had something like that to discuss comics in person. If you're looking for input, I think I'd vote for Zot! As a matter of record, I did, in fact, suggest a Zot! discussion on the old board, but when the time came around I found myself far too busy to participate, and Bill and Chris went ahead and had the discussion without me. I never did get around to reading it.
Scott Pilgrim! It's very down to earth with just enough fantasy elements to make it fun. The sixth and final volume is coming this spring and the movie hits theaters later this year. Scott is a guy in a Toronto based band who falls in love with an unusual young woman named Ramona Flowers. It turns out, if you want her love, you have to fight all of her "evil" ex-boyfriends. Music, coffee, video games, and love all combine in very cool ways.

Another series that would be great for a reading club is Pluto by Naoki Urasawa. It has a lot of fans, just google it for multiple articles/reviews/discussions, and the topics - mortality, compassion, what it means to be human - could spark many conversations.

I love Zot!...but in many ways, it hasn't aged super-well.

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