This last week , the NBC network here in the USA ran this 1 hr.-long TV special , " HEALING IN THE HEARTLAND " , benefiting the expenses/survivors of the Moore , OK tornadoes from the week prior .

[ I actually believe it ran on the secondary NBC network , as CBS has - 1/2 has ????????? - the CW . It did not run on the " official " NBC for the San Jose/San Francisco/Oakland area but a lesser - UHF - station , said outlet also running " NBC Reports " the same night . ]

Okay , this is an attempt to comment about this - I guess ??? - now-common practice of following a natural - Or man-caused . -mass disaster w/a televised benefit concert .

  My time is sort of running out and this could be controversial - I think I'll stop now , having set the basics/Five Ws - and the thing about secondary NBCs - up , so...

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I Saw That Too. Was that Hootie (-ex) on it? I thot he was from SC.

              Easy Does It,POPPA LOU

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