Today and Tomorrow (Wednesday & Thurs), Comixology is having a big sale on its Digital comics.

If you've any interest -- I'm going to be picking up Mark Waid's BOOM output for 99 cents an issue, 75% off of the print cover price -- you might want to head on over there.


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Rob, you're only partly correct about ComiXology. For a laptop or desktop, the comic can't be downloaded but must be read over an active Internet connection. For mobile devices such as the iPad, though, you do download the file to the device. You can also erase issues from your device and be able to re-load them again at a later date. I'm not terribly worried about filling up by 64GB yet but I still don't keep all of my ComiXology purchases downloaded.

Oh, that's fantastic, Cav -- I'm really glad to hear it. Sooner or later, when I get a phone or device more complex than a dixie cup on a string, I'll be really stoked that I can "own" the books I've bought.

And by the way -- all 4 Marvel Zombies miniseries are on sale today only, for 99 cents apiece. I might pick up the first one; I imagine the rest pale in comparison.

I'll try to keep up to. I have Comixology on my iPhone and check it daily. I've only downloaded a few free comics though. The screen is a little too small for comics.

Rob Staeger said:
Comixology is having a 3-day sale of Mice Templar comics for 99 cents. I'll try to keep this thread updated whenever I see a sale worth commenting on.

Marvel's Monday sale at Comixology includes Brubaker & McNiven's The Marvels Project, as well as New Avengers: Illuminati and New Avengers: The Reunion.


I picked up The Marvels Project. I heard an interview with Bru who said it was a project he was really happy with that just didn't sell that well.

Thinking more about digital comics it seems inevitable that paper comics will go and companies will move solely to digital as the price of paper continues to rise. Even big companies like Marvel and DC are having trouble moving comics at $3.99 and if the cost of paper goes up (which it will) how high can prices go before people stop buying? Would you pay $4.99 for one comic that has 22 pages of story?

With no paper or printing cost, digital comics can be sold cheaper and be more profitable hence more money for the company and creators.

I love paper books but it's only a matter of time before I'll have no choice but to switch. :(

Rob, The Marvels Project is an excellent read. Enjoy!

Comixology is having a sale on Zenescope's Grimm Fairy Tales series and Image's Skull Kickers. I haven't read either but have been seeing more of them lately. There were a couple free issues that I downloaded to check out. Grimm Fairy Tales seems to be a bit naughty but the art looks good. Skull Kickers looks like it's a fun series, sword and scorcery stuff.

The Skull Kickers free preview is a lot of fun -- and a satisfying read, too, since it's two complete short stories, plus a short preview of their first miniseries.

There's a Cable & Deadpool one-day sale at Comixology today. 

Today Comixology is having a 99 cent sale on Avengers Forever and Dark Reign the list one-shots.


I've heard good things about Avengers Forever, so I may actually buy those.


I've only read one of the List one-shots, Secret Avengers. It was actually very good.

I liked Avengers Forever...  it's real continuity-hound stuff, but Busiek always entertains.  

Top Shelf is having a sale this week for the rollout of their new iOS comics app.  The comics are also available on other platforms like Kindle , Comixology, etc.

Comixology is having a 99 cent sale on Avengers the Initiative #1-19. I recommend this. It was a great series and 1-19 was probably the best of the bunch.

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