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Books, GNs, and Collections Review List (as of 05/17/15)

The below list should include all the books, GNs, and collections that have been reviewed in the Reviews, Cap's Blog (CC), Fluit Notes (FN), Baron's Timelines (BT), and Inklings (Ink) sections of the website.  (Please note, some reviews are extremely short while others, like those from the Bi-Weekly TPB (BW-TPB) selections and the reviews in the Inklings (Ink) section, often delve quite deeply into books.)  The list only includes a cursory selection of reviews that have been posted in other areas of the website.  Also, it does not include reviews of single issues.

DC Comics:

     Classic DC

         DCnU - New 52 and Rebirth

     Vertigo and Young Animal

         Wildstorm, Mad, and Zuda

Marvel Comics

Archie Comics

Dark Horse Comics

Dynamite Entertainment

IDW Publishing

Image Comics

Valiant Comics

Other Publishers  A-K   L-Z

     Kid Friendly

     Newspaper Strips

     Comic Related Prose

Series Re-Read Threads


Amalgam Comics

Animal Man (1988)

Astro City


Avengers [Issue 101 on]

Avengers: The Initiative

Aztek - The Ultimate Man

Batman - [Legends of the Dark Knight]

Black Goliath

Black Lightning

Black Panther


Blue Devil

Captain America - [Tales of Suspense]

Captain Marvel - [Power of Shazam]


Civil War II

DC One Million

Devil Dinosaur

Doom Patrol (1987) - [Grant Morrison's run]

Doom Patrol (2001)

Dr. Strange - [Strange Tales]


Fantastic Four

Final Crisis

Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE

Howard the Duck


Iron Man - [Tales of Suspense]

Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe

Justice League - [JLA/JSA Team-Ups]

Justice League - [JLA (1997)]

Justice Society

Legion of Super-Heroes

Love and Rockets

Luke Cage: Hero for Hire




Seven Soldiers of Victory - [Leading Comics]



Spider-Man - [Amazing Spider-Man]

Spider-Man - [Amazing Spider-Man Issue 51 on]

Stray Bullets

Superman - [All-Star Superman]

Superman - [The Death and Rebirth Storyline]

Teen Titans

Thor - [Journey Into Mystery]


Wonder Woman - [Sensation Comics]


Other Round Table Links

A Comic A Day 

     Box 2 - Box 3 - Box 4

Travis Herrick's journey through his long boxes.

Golden Age and Transition Era Reviews

A trip back to a bygone era guided by Luke Blanchard.

Silver Sightings

Fan of Bronze


Philip Portelli reviews stories from the silver age, the bronze age, and more modern fare.

I Was Wondering

Got questions (or answers) about silver age characters?  Well then, this is the place for you.

Other Guys of the Silver and Bronze Ages

Take the silver path less travelled.

The Grant Morrison Thread

The starting point to discuss all things Morrisonian.

The Baron's Timelines

The Baron takes us down a multiversal hole and connects (almost) everything via Earth 44 and his other timelines.

Comixology Submit

A look at digital works put out through the Comixology Submit platform.

Discussing the Comic Ages

Chris Fluit gets us started here, here, here, and here, then we have an all out throw down here... add your opinion to the mix in the great Comic Ages Debate.

Good stuff throughout the years:

Cappies: A History of Champions

Cappies: The 2015 Winners

2016: Your Favorite Things

Favorite Things: 2017 and Beyond

  2017 ... 2018

Published Works of the Round Table

Find some new favourite reads by fellow board members.

Games... we've got games.

The Artist Game

The Recommendation Game

The Three Word Story Game

Conversation Using Song Titles/Lyrics

Theme Covers

ID the Cover

Comical Comic Cuts

Brighten your day with superhero cartoons.

Television and Movies

Movies and Television Thread Index

List of Doctor Who Threads

List of Star Trek Threads

Must See Sci-Fi Movies

Cancelled Before Their Time

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I've updated the review list with the reviews from Cap's Blog.  This brings the total number of books reviewed to 649, the VAST majority of which were reviewed by the Captain.  Take a bow Cap.

Nice work Border Mutt!

The Fluit Notes book reviews have been added to the list, bringing the number of indexed reviews to over 800.

Very impressive BM!  Thanks for doing this.

The list has been updated to include reviews from the Inklings section of the site.  This brings the total number of review links up to 992.

I've added links to series reread threads as part of the index, however, I'm sure I've probably missed a lot of them.  If anyone is aware of links I've missed, let me know and I'll see about adding them.

I really really think this very helpful index thread should be pinned to the comics forum first page.  It might help folks to find the right thread if they happen to read one of the books already discussed and want to add their comments.

Wow, this is an impressive piece of work.

I agree with both points. It's an impressive piece of work and it should be pinned to the top of the comics forum.

(It could replace the two past-date "Cappies" threads from 2014.)

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