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Congratulations to Alex DeCampi, 2015's most underrated writer.  DeCampi won this award primarily on the strength of her Image series, No Mercy. 

Congratulations to Michael Lark, 2015's most underrated artist.  Lark is the unsung hero of Image's Lazarus.

Congratulations to Image!  Lazarus has been named the best ongoing series of 2015!  This marks the second award for Michael Lark, who also won the most underrated artist.  Lazarus is the first Image title to win this award (although former Image title Astro City won after moving to DC).

Congratulations to Image again!  Rick Remender and Sean Murphy's Tokyo Ghost was named the best new series of 2015!  Image has won this category 3 of the past 4 years (DC's Grayson interrupted the Image run with a 2014 victory).

Congratulations to Bloodshot Reborn on being named the most underrated title of 2015!  As far as I can tell, this is the first win for Valiant in any category. 

Correction: Archer and Armstrong won an award back in 2012.

Congratulations to Scott McCloud who won the 2015 Cappie for Best Original Graphic Novel for his work, The Sculptor. 

Congratulations to Gail Simone and DC as Big Six pulled off the victory as Best Male Character for 2015, in an upset over Archie Andrews. 

Congratulations to Greg Rucka, Michael Lark (again) and Image as Forever "Eve" Carlyle has been named the best female character for 2015.  This is the second straight year that Eve has won this award. 

Congratulations to Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips as their character Brodsky won the 2015 Cappie as best villain for their Image series The Fade Out. 

Congratulations to Rick Remender and Sean Murphy as Debbie Decay, the protagonist from the Cappie-honored Tokyo Ghost has also won the 2015 award for Best New Character.  This is the fourth straight year that Image has won this category.

Congratulations to Dan Slott and Mike Allred as their character Dawn won best supporting character for her role in Marvel's Silver Surfer.  Marvel has won this award three of the past four years, and four out of six.

Congratulations to Gail Simone and DC again as the Secret Six have been named the best team for 2015.  This is the third victory for the Secret Six as they also won back in 2010 and '11 for the previous volume. 

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