Who has already seen Captain America? I saw it last night.


It's a good movie. I know a lot of people are saying it's their favorite of the Marvel movies. Not sure I'd go that far. It came close. I had a headache when I saw it so I may need to see it again. Don't get me wrong, I really liked the movie. There were only a few things that dissapointed me.


Here's the good stuff:

  • The cast is good. Chris Evans pulled off the role, nicely. He embodied the role of Cap. He was nice, did the right thing, was a good leader, and a total badass when it come to fighting. I forgotted he was the one who played the cocky Human Torch in the FF films.
  • The 40s retro vibe of the film works really well.
  • Back to the cast. While they were all good I especially liked Tommy Lee Jones and Stanley Tucci.
  • The Howling Cammandos were cool, but not given a whole lot to do.
  • The modern day book ends were pretty good too.
  • The first hour plus of set up and origin is really well paced and done well.
  • The film ties-in with Thor in a cool way.
  • The love story was pretty good too.
  • Stay after the credits. It'll make your geek heart explode with joy.

The no-so-great stuff:

  • Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull was just ok. He was clearly a bad dude but to me the Red Skull is more menacing and scary. Of course I haven't read much with him, so for all I know his portrayal may be dead on. I know Weaving can do menacing and scary though, the guy's a good actor.
  • At a certain point in the film, the action speeds up towards the conclusion. It feels rushed and the pace is off from the first half of the film.
  • The ending book mark was not bad but the film just ended. From the end and the bit at the end of the credits it's clear Cap is distraught about his predicament. However not as much as you would expect someone to be who missed 70 years of their life.

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I thought Weaving was fantastic as the Skull.  Any more "menacing" and it would have gone over the top into camp.  I agree that it just ended.  This particular Marvel movie seemed to be the most obviously a set up for the Avengers movie. 


Speaking of the Human Torch.  Did you catch the Easter Egg?


(Easter Egg Spoiler)












When Steve and Bucky are at the World's Fair, one of the exhibitions is "The World's First Synthetic Man," and we briefly see the original Human Torch in a glass display!

If the Skull isn't Italian, they won't be respectful of the 1990 source material, and I will hate it. Signed, A. Fanboy

I thought the guy in the display was important but didn't know who he was.


I liked Weaving as the Skull, I just have a different idea of the Skull in my head. I think it's probably wrong. He was good I suppose I was expecting him to be slightly different. Like I said I haven't read much with the Red Skull so my idea of him is not based on much of anything. However as a screen villain, he was good.


I don't always mind abrupt endings but this one seemed too abrupt. I do like the last line "I had a date" or maybe it was "I missed a date". Anyways it did work and was sad. Steve got to be a hero and the man he aspired to be, he just didn't get to take a girl dancing. He also missed out on 70 years too.

Captain America is certainly MY favorite of the Marvel movies so far. It had me in tears of joy at least 3 times during the movie, which hasn't happened to me since the end of the first Spider-Man.


I audibly gasped when I saw the Human torch and had to explain what he was to folks I was there with.


Despite the changes to the original timeline, I thought Bucky was handled well, including his "death" scene.


I would have liked to see at least a couple of "Heil Hitler!"s and swastikas to remind us of the origins of the war, but I understand that there are a number of countries the movie couldn't be shown in if they had. At least they mentioned Nazis and Hitler by name.


I loved the way they used the original costume and shield.


It looks like the costume for Cap in the Avengers movie (glimpsed briefly in the trailer) will be a lot closer to his original comics costume than the militarized versions in the movie or the Ultimates. This makes me happy!


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Check out the



Cap clobbers Harry Potter at box office.

I want to see this movie again. I enjoyed it the first time but I had a headache. I'd like to see it when I'm feeling better. Upon further thought, there was a lot that was great about this movie.

My wife and I just got back and loved it. Some quick thoughts:

  •  I'm a sucker for the 1930s and '40s (especially the women) and they nailed that part of it.
  • I predicted in my column that the Cap/Peggy romance wouldn't leave a dry eye in the house, and it didn't. Even mine, and I already knew what would happen.
  • Nick Fury got applause in my theater when he appeared.
  • This Bucky works better than all the comic-book Buckies ever.
  • Dagwan, not only did they mention Hitler, but they showed an actor dressed as Hitler that Cap "punched" in his war-bond shows. You may be right about the international reason for not emphasizing the Nazis, but my first assumption was that they went with Hydra so that it could still be a threat in the modern movies, as Nazi Germany is no longer available. The Hydra suits and iconography were so similar to Nazi stuff that I don't think it's really fooling anyone. Plus, there were little Nazi flags on the war map and elsewhere, and they were clearly fighting World War II.
  • I was worried when they showed the Cosmic Cube at the end of Thor, because I always thought the Cube was a terrible story crutch. Wait, we can't create nuclear fusion but we can create wish machines? Wait, we have science that can create wish machines and don't use it? Wait, bad guys get hold of wish machines and somehow lose? Wait, Earth has wish machines and all the Thanoses and Supreme Intelligences and whatnot didn't invade us yesterday to get one? Really, I don't like Cosmic Cubes at all. But in this movie, it's established as actual magic, and within the parameters of what's already been established (the Thor movie). Wait, that actually makes sense. We didn't create it, gods did, so that's how it works. And presumably no one was willing to invade Asgard to get it, so that's how come it hasn't popped up throughout history (ours, and the universe's). How it ended up in Norway is unexplained, but I can live with that.
  • When the Skrull disintegrated and was, um, shot into space (?), I think, did it remind anyone else of the transportation effect in Thor? Since everything about these movies seems planned, I'm guessing that wasn't accidental.
  • The Human Torch shout-out was cool. The exhibition was "Professor Horton's Amazing Artificial Man!" or words to that effect.
  • Pvt. Lorraine -- the blonde who smooched Cap -- was played by the same actress who was Anne Boleyn in The Tudors, if anyone was wondering why she looked familiar.
  • The gigantic Flying Wing aircraft the Skull flies at the end is straight out of the history books. The Germans were working on such a thing in the 1930s, and even built a huge one during the war that is now in the Smithsonian. Various U.S. companies experimented with the idea in the 1940s and 1950s, especially Northrop, but few made it past the design stage. While a Flying Wing seems like it should work intuitively, it doesn't; there are control problems that, when solved, basically change it into a regular airplane.
  • It was nice seeing the Howling Commandos on the big screen, and whodathunkit? I noticed that they made Gabe Jones a language expert, which subtly explains what a black man is doing in a white unit -- and an elite one at that -- in the years before the U.S. Army was integrated. I don't remember Stan Lee ever bothering to explain that! And despite a great-looking Dum Dum Dugan (psst -- the hair and mustache are fake!), the one I kept noticing was Kenneth Choi as Jim Morita. I dunno, maybe he was just shorter than the others, or his black hair stuck out, or maybe he was the one moving the most.
  • Howard Stark was terrific. Not only a blend of Howard Hughes, Hugh Hefner and Walt Disney, he was also quite reminiscent of Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark. Well done.
  • They gave Erskine more screen time than I expected and more character moments than the comics have in 70 years. I rather enjoyed getting to know this fella beyond his two-three pages of fame.
  • I was not only surprised by how much screen time Tommy Lee Jones got, but how much he threw himself into the role. He was utterly, utterly convincing and great fun. When he called Cap a chorus girl, that really smarted.
  • Speaking of chorus girls, and therefore costumes, all of that hung together very well. I almost didn't realize they were working in all the variations of the outfit leading up to one that wouldn't look stupid in combat. Almost. Yes, I know when I was being led around by the nose. But I didn't mind.
  • I haven't mentioned Chris Evans, because I really have nothing to offer except applause. Pitch perfect, all the way through.
  • And to those who thought the movie "just ended," you have no romance in your soul! "I missed a date" drove a stake through my heart, and it was delivered with typical Greatest Generation understatement. Anything further would have reduced the stark, painful reality of that simple summation. No need for the hair shirt Stan Lee put him in for 20 years. Then a quick coda: Still mad, trying to adjust, looking for a mission ... oh, hey, here's one: The Avengers in 2012.
  • And the trailer was awesome sauce.


Come on, 2012!






I forgot to mention Howard Stark. He was great and had more screen time than I was expecting.
It'd be interesting if in this movie universe Peggy ended up being Tony Stark's mom.

Peggy's got too much taste for that.


I just hope that we get to see the same actress (except blonde, natch!) play Sharon Carter in modern times.


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I just saw it today and it was the best super-hero movie this year, slightly edging out Thor. I had my doubts about Chris Evans but he proved me wrong much like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. He wasn't playing Captain America, he played Steve Rogers as the hero and the man we wanted him to be. The pre-buff CGI effects were a little....disturbing at first but the payoff was spectacular!

Stanley Tucci, Hugo Weaving and Tommy Lee Jones were so effective and they were vital to the emotional backbone of the movie. Great actors, great work!

Changing Bucky Barnes from Cap's teenage sidekick to same-age friend made sense and made their interaction far better. Plus it got rid of the whole "kid-fighting-Nazis" controversy.

Odd choice changing Peggy Carter from American to British, but as portrayed by Hayley Atwill, who cares? She's beautiful, strong, appealing and quite the dame! With great gams!

I jumped when I saw the original Human Torch, too! A great homage to Timely Comics and Chris Evans' role as Johnny Storm! But when will we see the Sub-Mariner on the big screen?

I loved the Howling Commandos here just as much as I loved the Warriors Three in Thor! Hopefully we will more of them, especially Dum Dum Dugan. Was the British member named Montegomery Falsworth (Union Jack in the comics) because Percival "Pinky" Pinkerton sounded too...campy? And no crooner? That's NOT Amore!

I am actually excited about The Avengers now and hope it can live up to its hype and heritage!

BTW, y'know they can still do Cap sequels! There's an awful lot of time compression here!

Rich...I thought about Peggy possibly being Tony's mom as well...and how that will cause all kinds of mixed feelings between Steve and Tony.

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