Who has already seen Captain America? I saw it last night.


It's a good movie. I know a lot of people are saying it's their favorite of the Marvel movies. Not sure I'd go that far. It came close. I had a headache when I saw it so I may need to see it again. Don't get me wrong, I really liked the movie. There were only a few things that dissapointed me.


Here's the good stuff:

  • The cast is good. Chris Evans pulled off the role, nicely. He embodied the role of Cap. He was nice, did the right thing, was a good leader, and a total badass when it come to fighting. I forgotted he was the one who played the cocky Human Torch in the FF films.
  • The 40s retro vibe of the film works really well.
  • Back to the cast. While they were all good I especially liked Tommy Lee Jones and Stanley Tucci.
  • The Howling Cammandos were cool, but not given a whole lot to do.
  • The modern day book ends were pretty good too.
  • The first hour plus of set up and origin is really well paced and done well.
  • The film ties-in with Thor in a cool way.
  • The love story was pretty good too.
  • Stay after the credits. It'll make your geek heart explode with joy.

The no-so-great stuff:

  • Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull was just ok. He was clearly a bad dude but to me the Red Skull is more menacing and scary. Of course I haven't read much with him, so for all I know his portrayal may be dead on. I know Weaving can do menacing and scary though, the guy's a good actor.
  • At a certain point in the film, the action speeds up towards the conclusion. It feels rushed and the pace is off from the first half of the film.
  • The ending book mark was not bad but the film just ended. From the end and the bit at the end of the credits it's clear Cap is distraught about his predicament. However not as much as you would expect someone to be who missed 70 years of their life.

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I love that the first glimpse we get of Zola is his face (only) in a picture tube.

But then, I love a lot of things about this movie.  It's a great action movie but, like Iron Man, it isn't great because of the action.  That's a fun extra.  It's great because it's really a character story and (as Doc and I both said elsewhere recently), Chris Evans found a way to play an old-fashioned, earnest, completely un-ironic good guy who's admirable and believable rather than corny or sacharine.

Yeah, only Chris Reeve and Chris Evans have really pulled off that type of hero on the big screen.  And given Evans other roles in films, usually the snarky dude, I was happily surprised by his performance in this. 

resurrected photo res.gif I saw this film recently. Chris Evans was really excellent in the part. He made Cap a believable person without playing him ironically. The effects used to make him look skinny early in the film were remarkably well done, and bulked-up as Cap he looked just right.


Hugo Weaving didn't bring the Skull alive for me the same way, and I would've preferred a masked loyal Nazi Skull, but I don't mean that as a slam. I very much liked the inclusion of the Howlers, especially Dum Dum.


The shot of Cap surrounded by a mob of men during his attack on the final Hydra stronghold, when he has to surrender, was likely a homage to some of Kirby's images, like the cover of Avengers #24. (I'm sure there are closer images with just Cap alone, but that's the best cover-one I can think of.)


I'm another who thought the filmmakers rushed through the fight against Hydra in the film's latter section. But otherwise the film was very much what I want superhero movies to be.


The bit where Cap talks on the radio with Peggy as he guides the plane down was likely a homage to the opening of the 1946 film A Matter of Life and Death, with David Niven and Kim Hunter.


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