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Okay, so the subject was a bit light hearted but seriously, Monica Rambeau (Who I will always think of as Captain Marvel) should be one of the heavy hitters of the Marvel Universe but ever since Roger Stern left The Avengers, in my mind, no one really knows what to do with her.

This is a character who, beyond just being a member, was a long term leader of The Avengers and went toe to toe with Zeus which is no small feat and would have lasted even longer as leader if TPTB hadn't decided that Captain America had to come back as leader of the Avengers for the anniversary. As Stern portrayed her, she was a strong woman with abilities that made her comparable to Thor in combat. She had a strong background stemming in part from her police training. She had a family life and a story outside of the team and now she is more or less just another face in the Avengers line up. Part of a team which is now second fiddle to the new Captain Falcon.

I really feel that someone should sit down with Stern. He is still in fine form and still has a love for the character. I think Marvel should consider giving Monica at the very least a mini-series written by someone who knows the character deeply and can give her stories and opponents worthy of her. Any thoughts?

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Some stories said the Vision couldn't fly without becoming intangible and thus unable to carry anything in flight, while other stories would show him flying around carrying the Scarlet Witch.

That was a toughie--as near as I can tell, the Vision could alter his density to any point from the "nearly transparent" intangible to the "harder than diamond" solidity, so somewhere along that scale was something in the light enough to float but solid enough to carry something range. Not that makes a lick of sense. I suppose it's better than just making his arms solid while the rest of his body was immaterial (wouldn't his arms just fall off?). In any event, Monica didn't have (at least, with her original powers) any in-between states--she was either matter (normal human being) or energy (non-solid). I don't recall any occasions of her touching or carrying things while energy in the manner that the Vision did while intangible/semi-tangible. And of course, the Vision didn't really fly so much as float, but much like when Wonder Woman could only ride wind currents, the wind always seemed to conveniently be blowing in the right direction at the right speed--you'd think only Storm could count on that sort of thing.

I believe there was an early story where she tried to carry something and found she couldn't.

Especially when these "wind currents" would let them change directions or hover.

Gotta love those wind currents!

Thor's hammer sure did.

Wonder Woman used to float on wind currents in the Silver Age, which is why she needed an invisible plane. Even as a lad, the Li'l Capn rolled his eyes at "floating on wind currents"!

Yeah, I never quite understood how that worked. The Atom floated on wind currents, but he had the ability to alter his size and weight. Wonder Woman can't, and never could understand how either of them could steer or be sure the wind was blowing in the direction they wanted to go!

Perzackly! You just can't trust those fickle wind currents!

Even The Atom finally twigged to that. Toward the end of his solo book he got a pet mynah bird that he rode around. Called Major Mynah, of course.

Dave Elyea said:

Not that makes a lick of sense. I suppose it's better than just making his arms solid while the rest of his body was immaterial (wouldn't his arms just fall off?).

If making his body intangible also makes it lighter, the part of his body that was intangible would rise when it became lighter than air, and the rest of his body would only rise if the intangible part had enough lifting power to lift it. His bits would presumably remain attached, but his body would shift position so that the light part was at the top and the heavy part was at the bottom. The Vision can make his body less dense than hydrogen, but it might not be physically possible for an object of the Vision's size to lift an object the size of Wanda, as there's a lower limit on how rarefied an object can be (it can't be more rarefied than a vacuum).

Meaning Wanda married a hot air balloon.

Of course, since it was usually Wanda that we saw the Vision flying/floating with, there's always the possibility that she just used her hex power to alter the probabilities against being carried by an intangible android...

Sudden image of Vision carrying Mantis when Wanda suddenly points at them and they crash. Surprising Englehart never had those two fight over Vision, or Swordsman challange the Vision for Mantis. Today an entire trade would revolve around those fights before Kang even showed up.

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