Veronica - The big Kevin Keller story hits the stands and it's actually cool and funny.  A scene where Veronica believes she's lost a boy to, of all people, Jughead is priceless. 


Hellboy - OK, Mr. Mignola...ending a mini-series like that is uncool.  Build up to the up to the fight...oh, the fight will be in the NEXT mini...    AAAAUUUUUGGGHHHH!


Green Lantern Chronicles vol. 1 - Good lord, did most kids really want to read about a woman obscessing over marriage EVERY issue?  Becoming a villain is the best thing that ever happened to Carol Ferris.



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Freedom Fighters #1: I've been enjoying this latest incarnation of DC's "FF", and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Hercules: Twilight of a God #4: A nice ending to an enjoyable, if not spectacular, mini-series.

JSA All-Stars #10: Another enjoyable, if not spectacular, series. The Hourman/Liberty Belle back-up is OK, too.
>>Good lord, did most kids really want to read about a woman obsessing over marriage EVERY issue?

Four words: 137 issues of Lois Lane. Five words.

Marriage-minded women were the ultimate death trap back then, because you couldn't just escape, destroy them and be done with them. They were annoying and got in the way of the important stuff, but you still were supposed to be nice to them. In other words, they were all the inconvenience that a 10-year-old boy thought they were, which was the intended audience.

Julie didn't buy into that as much as Mort, possibly because his audience was slightly older. But Iris was nearly as much trouble as Carol, even for the first year after Barry married her, which just astonishes me. Barry was a brave lad, marrying Iris even though she had cooties. At least Hal escaped that fate.
The Baron said:
Hercules: Twilight of a God #4: A nice ending to an enjoyable, if not spectacular, mini-series.

What he said.
Carol Ferris, as a character, almost seems a bait and switch. You think, cool, she's Hal's boss, this could be an interesting, progressive part of the story. And she just comes off as nuts. I keep wanting more Hepburn/Tracy and less Lucy/Ricky.
Secret Six #25: Giganta doesn't know her teammate Dwarfstar killed her love interest, Ryan Choi! Repeat: GIGANTA DOESN'T KNOW DWARFSTAR KILLED HER BOYFRIEND. And she will find out, oh yes. Also, a great scene with Deadshot and a doctor.

Jonah Hex
#59: Great Jordi Bernet art, and a confrontation that goes awry when two unexpected developments happen at once. Also: Best threat to a bartender ever. Plus: Hex apologizes!

I also picked up Scarlet #2 and Freedom Fighters #1, but haven't read either yet.

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