Revisit some of your favorite Teen Titans Go! escapades in this festive collection of holiday-themed episodes. In these 10 adventures sure to superpower your holiday spirit, the Teen Titans head to the North Pole to take themselves off the naughty list, discover the true meaning of Black Friday with help from a few ghosts,  master New Year’s traditions and so much more!




Marvel | Teen | $4.99

Story: John Ridley | Art: Juann Cabal | Cover: Alex Ross

Academy Award-winning writer John Ridley (12 Years a Slave) will helm Marvel’s next Black Panther comic book series alongside Marvel’s Stormbreaker artist Juann Cabal (Guardians of the Galaxy).

In this new ongoing series, secrets from T’Challa’s past have come back to haunt him. Fresh from returning from his adventures in space, Black Panther receives an unexpected and urgent message from a Wakandan secret agent. T’Challa must race the clock not only to save his agent, but also to keep his true agenda under wraps. Because if the truth comes out, it could cost T’Challa everything …

“It’s a hybrid espionage-superhero thriller, but at its core, it’s a love story,” Ridley told The New York Times. “And I don’t mean just romantic love, although there’s some of that as well. It’s love between friends.

“We’re coming out of a summer where we saw Black people fighting for our rights, standing up, fighting in ways that we haven’t had to do in years,” Ridley added. “And it was really important to me after the year we had where we can have these conversations with Black people and we can use words like love and caring and hope and regret and all these really fundamental emotions that everybody has.”



Marvel | Teen+ | $3.99

Story: Derek Landy | Art: Angel Unzueta | Cover: Alex Ross

Brought to you by acclaimed creative team, writer Derek Landy (FALCON & WINTER SOLDIER, THE BLACK ORDER) and artist Ángel Unzueta (IRON MAN, STAR WARS), CAPTAIN AMERICA/IRON MAN will be a first-of-its-kind series, taking two of Marvel’s A-listers on an epic adventure that will explore the pair’s fascinating dynamic and history as they go up against a mysterious new threat from Hydra!

A government agent turned Hydra provocateur stages a daring breakout on her way to prison, attracting the attention of both Iron Man and Captain America. When Steve and Tony realize they both have a connection to the slippery fugitive, they team up to track her down — only to discover she’s not the only player on the board with big plans and sinister motives …

“Ever since the pandemic hit, I've been making my way through the old Marvel omnibuses, reading all the stories from the '60s that I'd only heard about/absorbed through osmosis — with Steve Rogers and Tony Stark being uppermost on the reading pile. Little did I know that this was actually a prolonged bout of diligent and thorough research for which I should be roundly admired — nay lauded,” Landy said. “The opportunity to write these characters is as daunting as it is thrilling, but with Ángel Unzueta on art duties, I'm reassured that it'll at least LOOK gorgeous.”

“For me, it's a dream come true to draw Iron Man and Captain America. They are my two favorite characters in the Marvel Universe (in and out of costume),” Unzueta said. “Working with Derek has been a GREAT pleasure. He is always enthusiastic about the artwork and encourages me to make changes as I see fit so it is really easy to work with him. He is a great novelist and a really skilled horror film writer, but he’s also wanted to be a comic book writer since he was 12 years old and his love for the medium is shown on every page of the script. He gives the script a great cinematographic sense in every panel and the choreography pushes me to be clear, detailed and dynamic at the same time. There is a lot of things to say about the relationship of these two Marvel heroes and Derek shows in this miniseries his deep understanding of their dynamic and services it into a great and relevant story: An instant classic!"

Shades of Tales of Suspense! Don't we already have a Captain America/Iron Man book called Avengers?



Dark Horse | $14.99

Story: Frederic Brremaud | Art/Cover: Paola Antista

From author Frédéric Brrémaud (Love, Little Tails) and artist Paola Antista (Disney Frozen, Sorceline) and translator Annie Gullion comes an all-ages humorous collection of all the joys of being a cat owner. Published for the first time in English, this volume collects three of the original six French albums.

Best friends Manon, Erika and Camille see adventure every day, but when all three become cat owners, everything changes — for better or for worse! One cat’s mischief gets him into trouble when he decides to play chase with the wrong prey. Another surprises the girls with his new skill — mimicking scary movies! And just when the girls decide to wind down for a calm and relaxing night, the cats declare playtime! Grow up with these quirky cats and share in all the excitement, frustration and fun that comes with raising a cat.

I can't think of anything more terrifying than French cats.



Marvel | Teen+ | $4.99

Story: Jed Mackay | Art: C.F. Villa |Cover: Pepe Larraz

This summer, fans discovered the whereabouts of Marvel Comics’ most legendary artifacts in INFINITE DESTINIES! Unfolding over a series of epic annuals, this unpredictable story saw heroes from all corners of the Marvel Universe on a chase to prevent the powerful Infinity Stones from falling into the wrong hands. Central to the action was Marvel’s iconic thief Black Cat who walked away as the new wielder of this great cosmic power. The events of this story spun out into INFINITY SCORE, the current arc in her hit ongoing series. Now, fans will witness the stunning conclusion to this grand saga in GIANT-SIZE BLACK CAT: INFINITY SCORE. Written by BLACK CAT writer Jed MacKay with art by C.F. Villa, this oversized special will be a character-redefining one-shot with huge repercussions for the future of the Marvel Universe …

Black Cat has brought half of the Infinity Stones together, collecting a level of power that hasn’t been seen in years! But to what end? This hasn’t taken her out of the crosshairs of Nick Fury OR Nighthawk, and with the Infinity Stones involved, can Thanos be far behind?!

Here’s what MacKay had to say about bringing his Black Cat saga to its finale:

“ ‘One last job.’

“It's a powerful phrase. Sometimes that's how crime stories start, and sometimes that's how they end. In this case, it's the latter. But never fear, we're sending Felicia and her crew off in style with GIANT-SIZE BLACK CAT #1, the 30-page finale to the INFINITY SCORE, where we see Felicia pull off the final hair-raising heist of her series, where the risks are high and the stakes are even higher. Juggling the job, the various cosmically powered misfits she's collected, the shady movers who are after the stones and their hosts for their own reasons, and her own personal problems, Felicia's putting it all on the line for the greatest payoff she can imagine. And when the smoke clears, will the Black Cat have landed on her feet, or will she land herself in jail — or a grave? Find out in GIANT-SIZE BLACK CAT #1 this November!

“BLACK CAT has been a gift. In the two-and-a-half years or so since we started this book, Felicia Hardy went from a character that I was passingly familiar with to my favorite, and in the course of that time I've been privileged enough to work with some of the best artists, colorists and letterers in the business. For a book we weren't sure was going to make it past #5, we'll have wrapped up 25 issues in total and have taken Felicia all across the Marvel Universe and back. It's a book I'm going to miss dearly, but we've shown the world that the Black Cat can hang with anyone and deserves her seat at the table!”



Image | $3.99

Story/Art: Jim Mahfood | Covers Jim Mahfood, Peach Momoko

Superstar cartoonist Jim Mahfood returns to his creator-owned Grrl Scouts universe.

"I'm extremely excited about this new Grrl Scouts series and I think fans and new readers alike will be very entertained and definitely get a lot of bang for their buck with this one," said Mahfood. "I'm introducing an entire new cast of characters, expanding on the mythology of the Grrl Scouts, and handling every aspect of the production of the book: writing, drawing, coloring and lettering, to make this a very unique experience! This series is for fans and collectors alike who are looking for something different and off-beat when they're staring at that wall of new releases in the comic shop."  

Join Dio, Turtleneck Jones and Gordi as they face off against the sinister and unpredictable evil of The Teeth! Hilarious, over-the-top, psychedelic adventure will ensue, you guys!

Packed from cover-to-cover with completely unique and eye-popping Mahfood art — including bonus comics and behind-the-scenes fun — readers will feel the funk with this new addition to the Grrl Scouts story.



Dark Horse | $29.99

Story: Brian Michael Bendis, Peter David, Fred Van Lente | Art: Alex Maleev, Eric Nguyen, Francis Portela

Three classic Halo tales are back in print in Halo: Legacy Collection! Comic book heavyweights Brian Michael Bendis (Superman, Ultimate Spider-Man), Peter David (The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Reborn, Spider-Man 2099), and Fred Van Lente (Conan the Avenger, Resurrectionists) pen the stories in this collection with illustrations done by acclaimed artists Alex Maleev (Infamous Iron Man, Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.), Eric Nguyen (X, Gigantic), and Francis Portela (Black Panther, X-O Manowar), with colors by Matt Hollingsworth (Seven to Eternity, Tokyo Ghost), Jose Villarrubia (Sweet Tooth, Hungry Ghosts), June Chung (The Dreaming, Batman), and Ulises Arreola (Batgirl, Shadowman).   

"Halo: Uprising" follows the Master Chief as he single-handedly takes on the Covenant's miles-long Forerunner Dreadnought as it makes its way to Earth! Then, join the ranks of the UNSC’s meanest, most battle-hardened Marines in "Helljumper," as a group of ODST respond to a remote science colony's SOS call and discover an enormous Covenant military presence! Finally, a UNSC ship encounters a strange phenomenon that sends it plummeting toward an unknown planet. The Spartan Black fireteam needs to unlock the secrets of an ancient Forerunner installation if they’re going to survive the experience but, to complicate matters, they're not the only ones shipwrecked. Check out their story in "Halo: Blood Line"!

Included in this special collection are exclusive interviews with the creative teams and behind-the-scenes art from bringing these Halo stories to life.



Marvel Comics | Teen+ | $3.99

Story: Marieke Nijkamp | Art: Enid Balám | Cover: Jahnoy Lindsay

This November, Kate Bishop’s adventure continues! Marvel’s new miniseries, HAWKEYE: KATE BISHOP is a five-part series that follows Kate on a new adventure in a familiar place: back home to New York.

Following a stint in Los Angeles, HAWKEYE: KATE BISHOP picks up at a turning point in Kate’s life when she returns to New York after being convinced by many friends, and a few clues from the case she’s working, to come back to the East Coast. When Kate gets invited to a resort to solve a mysterious jewel heist, she sees it as a confidence-boost, a sign that she’s making the right decision and not going to backslide into her past. The case is perfect … and it’s almost definitely a trap.

The story comes from an elite creative team including New York Times best-selling author Marieke Nijkamp and artist Enid Balám.

“Because Kate’s story is in flux right now, it’s the perfect time to jump on board for the adventure,” Nijkamp told Bustle. “You don’t need to know where she was to enjoy the journey.”



Marvel | Teen+ | $4.99

Story: Donny Cates | Art/Cover: Ryan Ottley | Colors: Frank Martin


The Hulk returns in an all-new ongoing series by acclaimed writer Donny Cates, known for his revolutionary work on VENOM and THOR, and superstar artist Ryan Ottley of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and INVINCIBLE!

This unstoppable team of some of the industry’s greatest talent are ready to bring readers a bold new Hulk saga that begins when Bruce Banner discovers a radical way to control the monster within. Could this mark the final end of the Green Goliath? Or will the extreme solution create something new — with massive consequences? Prepare to dive deep into the very core of Hulk’s rage in this thrilling epic that will explore this iconic character’s incredible — and destructive — legacy in a way no one has dared to before. Get your first look at this explosive era in the all-new HULK #1 trailer, featuring never-before-seen artwork!

“Marvel just gave me the keys to the strongest one there is,” Cates said. “Oh boy. You guys are just not ready for this. You’re about to find out what happens when Ryan Ottley and I get angry and guess what? Well ... pretty sure you’re gonna like us a lot when we’re angry.”



Marvel Comics | Teen+ | $4.99

Story: Rebecca Roanhorse, Nyla Innuksuk, Bobby Wilson, Steven Paul Judd | Art: Jim Terry, David Cutler, Natasha Donovan, Shaun Beyale | Covers: Kyle Charles, Afua Richardson, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jim Terry, Maria Wolf, David Mack, Roy Boney

Marvel Comics continues its tradition to uplift and spotlight Indigenous and First Nations creators and characters in MARVEL’S VOICES: HERITAGE #1! The all-new anthology will feature rising and renowned talent from Indigenous communities as they each tell new stories surrounding some of Marvel’s most iconic and beloved characters.

Now in its second year, Marvel’s Voices continues to expand and feature the work and lived experiences of Marvel creators and fans, painting the full picture of Marvel’s ever-evolving universe and showcasing how much Marvel truly reflects the world outside our windows.

MARVEL’S VOICES: HERITAGE #1 will turn the spotlight to new and established Indigenous writers and artists, including talents who contributed to the first MARVEL’S VOICES: INDIGENOUS VOICES title last year. These creators will come together for a series of short stories diving into the past, present, and future of the Marvel Universe.

New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Roanhorse and acclaimed Navajo artist Shaun Beyale will further reveal the fascinating story behind River, the mysterious stranger from the pages of Rebecca Roanhorse’s new PHOENIX SONG: ECHO series! Discover Snowguard’s greatest hopes and fears in a tale by celebrated filmmaker Nyla Innuksuk and artist Natasha Donovan! It’s the return of Werehawk in an extraordinary adventure by writer Bobby Wilson and artist Jim Terry. And writer Steven Paul Judd and artist David Cutler explore the legacy of Jason Strongbow, AKA American Eagle, in a poignant tale about this classic Navajo superhero.



Marvel | Teen+ | $4.99

Story: Rob Liefeld, Chad Bowers | Art/Cover: Rob Liefeld

On this day 30 years ago, X-FORCE #1 debuted and took the comic book industry by storm! Created by Rob Liefeld, X-FORCE #1 was a blockbuster success, selling over 5 million copies to become one of the best-selling single issues in Marvel Comics history. Commemorating the anniversary of this groundbreaking issue, Rob Liefeld will return to the X-Force saga this November with a new chapter in X-FORCE: KILLSHOT!

The special one-shot will feature an explosive adventure starring Cable and his mighty militant mutant squad, taking readers back to the beloved 90s heyday of the X-Men franchise. Cable and his counterparts will assemble five separate X-Force squadrons — from various points in time — to converge on Asteroid S for an all-out assault to defeat Stryfe once and for all.

“X-Force was a huge gamble that paid off big for Marvel, paid off big for retailers and it changed my life forever.” Liefeld states, reflecting on the impact and legacy of the title. “I’m thrilled and honored to share Killshot with everyone. Thirty years in the making, I intend to make every page a huge kick for fans new and old.”

Speak up, Liefeld fans. What's the attraction?



Dark Horse | $3.99

Story: Brian Michael Bendis | Art/Cover: Stephen Byrne

Jinxworld and Dark Horse are thrilled to announce the debut of the fiercely ambitious science-fiction odyssey: Joy Operations, coming to comic shops in November.    

"I am so proud to call Dark Horse Comics home! From Dark Horse Presents all the way up to Black Hammer, Dark Horse has been at the forefront of the kind of creator-owned comics I personally adore and aspire to. This partnership has been brewing for a very long time,” says Brian Michael Bendis on bringing Jinxworld to Dark Horse. “Mike Richardson, Daniel Chabon, and everyone else at Dark Horse has welcomed us with open arms and it’s very exciting to start rolling out our brand-new epics like Joy Operations and reintroduce you to some of our classic Jinxworld titles like Powers, Torso and Jinx. Any of my friends will tell you I wished those books were published by Dark Horse back when we first made them. To the future!”

“Brian Bendis is one of the comic industry’s premier talents and we are so excited to welcome him here to Dark Horse,” Dark Horse Comics President and Founder, Mike Richardson said. “As Brian can confirm, I’ve been chasing him for a very long time. Not only will Brian be bringing new stories here for his many fans, but we will be re-releasing new editions of his existing work for a whole new generation of readers.”

In Joy Operations, Brian Michael Bendis, the New York Times bestselling, Peabody and multi-Eisner award-winning co-creator of Miles Morales, Naomi, Jessica Jones and Ironheart, teams up with comics sensation Stephen Byrne (Wonder Twins, Legion of Super-Heroes) for their very first creator-owned blockbuster series.

Fifty-five years from now. Joy is an EN.VOI. A special agent of one of the JONANDO TRUST. Trusts are corporate-owned cities that are the centerpiece of modern society. She rights wrongs for the trust. She is excellent, hard on herself and driven. Almost a legendary figure in some parts. Until one day a voice pops in her head trying to get her to betray everything she has ever believed.

This meticulously-designed Akira meets Inception journey shows us a new future like only comics can. Joy Operations #1 will also feature a variant cover by David Mack, as well as an exclusive look behind-the-scenes and a look forward to other, brand-new Jinxworld projects coming exclusively to Dark Horse.

Dark Horse’s Jinxworld editor, Daniel Chabon, had this to say: "I am so happy to be working with Brian, Alisa and their roster of insanely talented co-creators on these upcoming Jinxworld stories. We have some really amazing books in the works right now and I can't wait for folks to see what we have in store from them and Dark Horse's expanding creator-owned universe."



Dark Horse | $19.99

Story: Sunshine Barbito | Art: Alessia Alfano, Debora Carita | Cover: Jenny Frison

The Roaring Twenties are back! With all the romanticism and brazen violence of mafia-dominated New York, Mafiosa sets the status quo ablaze — with style, class, and a smoking barrel.

Developed from an original story by Thomas Brooke of Portland’s Rainwerks Studio, creators Sunshine Barbito, Alessia Alfano, Débora Caritá, Ronda Pattison and Mariacristina Federica bring you into the life of Nicoletta. The youngest in a Sicilian-American family, Nicoletta has aspirations to join her brothers in the family business — an organized crime syndicate running the streets of Manhattan. But when Nicoletta confronts her father and announces her desire to join the family business a crisis ensues. Refusing to take no for an answer, Nicoletta takes it upon herself to prove she has what it takes, moving steadfastly into a world of brutality with her own ideas to capitalize on the cocaine drug trade.

What transpires is not just a tale of a woman’s rise within the Marchesi crime family but a genre-busting look at how the players in this mafia story are transformed when Nicoletta proves better at the deadly game than her male coworkers. New York has a new player in town, and they ain’t seen nothing yet!

"What draws me into the world of organized crime is the juxtaposition of tradition, loyalty, hyper-morality and what boils down to murderous greed. We wanted to take this familiar and popular storytelling genre; set in the Roaring Twenties, but show you this world from a different perspective in order to create a dialogue. For me, this story is about desire and how it affects people once it takes over completely." — Sunshine Barbito

“Mafiosa has one of the most intriguing premises for a crime comic I’ve read in years, and it’s executed (!) with style and guts … breathless and bloody and wonderful in a way few comics are. I can’t wait for more!” — Gail Simone



From world-renowned creator Frank Miller, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the acclaimed crime noir series, Sin City arrives with a new softcover edition presented at original size with new wrap-around cover art and pinup gallery. The tale of Marv and his angel has never been seen like this before.

There is no light in a place like Sin City — only misery, crime, perversion. ... But for a single moment, amid the filth and degenerates, the hulking and unstable ex-con Marv has found an angel. She says her name is Goldie — a goddess who has blessed this wretched low-life with a night of heaven. But good things never last — a few hours later, Goldie is dead, murdered by his side without a mark on her body. Who was she? And who wanted her dead? The cops are on their way — it smells like a frame job, and this time they won’t let him live. Marv’s got a soul to send to hell, and it’s going to get nasty.

This edition of this classic comic opus includes a new pinup gallery featuring art from Joyce Chin, Amanda Conner, Klaus Janson, Paul Pope, Philip Tan, and Gerardo Zaffino. Devoted fans and new readers can again experience the groundbreaking and unparalleled noir masterpiece that has engrossed readers for nearly three decades! Frank Miller’s Sin City Volume 1: The Hard Goodbye will also be available in a deluxe format! The hardcover includes an exclusive sketchbook of never-before-published development art selected by Frank, in addition to a sleek slipcase.

"When I first decided to write and draw a black and white crime comic, Mike Richardson didn't blink. We were off and running and continue to do so 30 years later." — Frank Miller

“Frank Miller’s association with Dark Horse has flourished for over 30 years. The original publication of Sin City was a watershed moment for our company, and we are very pleased to celebrate its 30th Anniversary with a brand-new edition. Readers will find that Sin City is just at powerful today as it was the day it was first released, exactly what you would expect from one of comics’ master creators." — Mike Richardson

These highly anticipated softcover fourth editions begin with Frank Miller’s Sin City Volume: 1 The Hard Goodbye, with subsequent volumes to be released over the course of the following months.

Am I gonna have to buy this again?



Image | $3.99 (Blacklight, $9.99)

Story: Kyle Higgins | Art: Marcello Costa | Art/Cover: Igor Monti

Bestselling series Radiant Black by Kyle Higgins and Marcelo Costa will add a gleam of the fantastic to issue #10 of the series with a special Blacklight Edition treatment. Image Comics is pleased to reveal an early look at the issue ahead of its release.

Printed with blacklight-reactive fluorescent inks — and exclusively recolored for this purpose by the excellent Igor Monti — these pages will cast the story in a whole new light and will never be reprinted.

“There’ve been a number of blacklight covers over the years, but very few entire issues made with fluorescent inks. The story in Radiant Black #10 finds Marshall trapped in Existence, one of the existentially weirdest domains you’ve ever seen,” said Higgins. “Marcelo, Igor, Becca and I wanted this issue to be heavily experiential, to take readers on the same overwhelming journey as Marshall. The blacklight edition is the ultimate way to experience Existence.”

Welcome to Existence. In Radiant Black #10, Marshall finds himself trapped in an unimaginable infinity beyond space and time. But how? And why? Can he make it out? And what is Catalyst?



Dark Horse | $49.99

Story: Ian Flynn | Art/Cover: Sega

Celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog’s 30th anniversary with a new full-color hardcover historical retrospective that explores nearly every one of the blue blur’s video game appearances in Dark Horse Books’ upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia, arriving June 2021.

Dive deep into the extensive lore and exhaustive detail of each game in Sonic’s ever-expanding universe — from the beloved SEGA Genesis to the most bleeding-edge video game consoles. This tome leaves no stone unturned, showcasing in-depth looks at the characters, settings, and stories from each exciting installment.

Dark Horse Books and SEGA present the Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia — a must-have volume for any fan of the world’s speediest hedgehog.


THOR #19

Marvel Comics | Teen+ | $3.99

Story: Donny Cates | Art: Nic Klein | Covers: Nic Klein, Gary Frank, Mahmud Asrar, Ema Lupacchino (Thor Infinity Saga Variant)

The God of Hammers is about to be unleashed! Next month, Donny Cates continues his action-packed Asgardian saga with a brand-new story, and artist Nic Klein is back for twists and turns that not even the All-Father can possibly be ready for!

The story will provide payoffs to a plot that’s been building up since the very beginning of Cates and Klein’s run — the secret legacy of Thor’s mighty weapon Mjolnir! Mjolnir, the powerful Uru hammer that Thor has wielded in battle for centuries, has gone missing! And nobody, not even the all-seeing Lady Sif, is able to locate it. So Thor must turn to the last person he wants help from: Odin. For until the hammer is found, nobody is safe!

Making his return as series artist, Klein will also make his debut as the series’ new main cover artist. In addition, the issue will have variant covers by superstar artists Gary Frank and Mahmud Asrar as well as Ema Lupacchino’s Infinity Saga Variant Cover. Check out all four covers now plus the newly revealed cover of January’s THOR #21, Part 3 of “GOD OF HAMMERS.” Be there when the fatal prophecy of the God of Hammers begins in THOR #19 on November 17! For more information, visit

I thought Odin said Thor wasn't the God of Hammers? Or is that just in the movies?





Marvel | Teen+ | $3.99

Story: Mark Russell | Art: David Cutler : Cover: Travel Foreman

Critically acclaimed writer Mark Russell teams up with sensational artist David Cutler to brings you a scream-worthy story that will break an empire in DARKHOLD: BLACK BOLT! Black Bolt’s mighty voice is his greatest gift … and since childhood, it has been his greatest curse. Black Bolt thought he was signing up for a battle befitting a king but after reading from the Darkhold, he’ll discover the true battlefield will be his own mind.

“As a writer, it's a joy to get to write a character who spends even more time inside their own head than you do,” Russell said. “So Black Bolt is a writer's dream character and when I heard which other creators were involved with the series, I was totally on board, like someone who'd unwittingly bought a house in a really great neighborhood.” 



Marvel | Teen+ | $3.99

Story: Jed MacKay | Art: Lee Garbett | Cover: Kaare Andrews

Written by Jed MacKay with art by Lee Garbett, DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE will present the final saga of Stephen Strange and explore the dangerous repercussions his death will unleash on the world he so fiercely guarded. With no Sorcerer Supreme, Earth is left entirely defenseless and fans can get their first glimpse at a new team of villains that will take advantage of this new status quo on the cover of November’s DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE #3: THE THREE MOTHERS!

Designed by series artist Lee Garbett, this deadly trio are unlike any the Marvel Universe has encountered before: the Wyrd, an alien mage-priestess; the Crown, a powerful warrior-queen; and the Crawling, a monstress composed of acid-mouthed worms. Will they be the Marvel Universe’s undoing? And were they the ones who killed Stephen Strange?! In the vein of the Thanos’ legendary Black Order, don’t dare miss the debut of the next great Marvel villain team!

Check out Kaare Andrew’s DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE #3 cover below as well as Lee Garbett’s original designs for The Three Mothers. Stay tuned for more DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE including reveals of even more wilder threats and prepare to meet The Three Mothers when DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE #3 arrives in November. For more information, visit



Marvel | Teen+ | $4.99

Story: Alyssa Wong | Art: Andie Tong | Covers: R1c0, Peach Momoko


AMI HAN is the last of the mystical shape-shifting KUMIHO. As the WHITE FOX, she's defended Earth from every threat and proven herself again and again alongside the Agents of Atlas and Tiger Division. But the DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE will test her like never before. Something (or someone) is murdering innocents and the only suspect who fits the profile is White Fox! She'll have to clear her name and uncover the dark secrets from her mysterious origin while the very planet is under siege. Ami can have the answers she so desperately seeks, or she can save her friends. Guest-starring SWORD MASTER and TIGER DIVISION!


This November, fans can see their favorite Marvel Studios films in a brand new way on a stunning collection of variant covers by some of the comic book industry’s greatest artists. Adorning upcoming issues of your favorite and limited comic book series, the INFINITY SAGA PHASE 1 VARIANT COVERS will showcase the first six films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, depicting the characters and moments from these legendary group of films.

Marco Checcetto takes it back to where it all began in a gorgeous piece showing the different armors Tony Stark crafted in the first Marvel Studios’ Iron Man film. Immortal Hulk artist Joe Bennett revisits the savage showdown between Bruce Banner and the Abomination from Marvel Studios’ The Incredible Hulk. Taurin Clarke’s explosive cover presents the iconic Iron Man and War Machine team up from the climax of Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 2. Thor, Loki and Odin, as they were introduced in the first Marvel Studios’ Thor film, look to Asgard’s future in Ema Lupacchino’s electrifying cover. Adam Kubert delivers a dynamic take on Steve Rogers’ crusade against the Red Skull from Marvel Studios’ Captain America: The First Avenger. And finally, the Avengers assemble for the first time in legendary artist Arthur Adams’ cover, highlighting the core cast from 2012’s groundbreaking film Marvel Studios’ The Avengers.

On Sale 11/24: Captain America/Iron Man #1 (Covers A-B), Hulk #1, Iron Man #14, Thor #19

On Sale 12/1: Avengers #50  





DC Comics | $3.99

Story: Ram V | Art: Nina Vakueva | Cover: Yanick Paquette

Catwoman’s attempts to keep Alleytown, and those around her, safe from collateral damage have failed. Simon Saint, the Wight Witch, Father Valley and the Magistrate have all compromised her newly founded kingdom and brought her entire life to the brink. But despite Selina’s dreams of queenhood crashing down around her, there is still hope in the form of the Alleytown Strays. Could these children, trained by Selina, be her salvation? Or will they, too, pay for their involvement with Catwoman with their lives? And with Queen Ivy and Ivy aware of each other now, will they destroy the city or become one again?



DC Comics | $4.99

Story: Mariko Tamaki, Stephanie Phillips | Art: Dan Mora, David Lapham | Cover: Dan Mora

Batman and Mayor Nakano have freed themselves from the Vile parasite-infected sewers of Gotham City … only to find the nightmare has risen higher than they had imagined! With the city streets being overtaken by larger, (somehow even more) horrific creatures, these two enemies must put aside their differences and save the city — while there’s still time! This skin-crawling, heart-pounding, terror-inducing installment of "Fear State" will change the nature of the Dark Knight and Mayor Nakano forever, and cast an eerie shadow over the next major Bat-event to come. … Then, in "Foundations" part two, Batman runs into an unlikely ally in his investigation at the Arkham Tower construction site, and believe us, Harley Quinn has a lot to say about all this!



DC Comics | $3.99

Story: Stephanie Phillips | Art/Cover: Riley Rossmo

Harley Quinn here, reporting live from Fear State! And let me just say … I’ve jumped outta airplanes, faced down the baddest criminals in Gotham, thrown punches at Batman and filed my own taxes without instructions from the IRS, but reuniting with Poison Ivy to try to save all of Gotham …? Let’s just say I’ve got a little anxiety. I’m only one well-dressed and overly verbal former psychologist turned heroic clown, after all. Which is why I’ve teamed with the Gotham City Sirens to take down Scarecrow and … wait … why is Keepsake here? This couldn’t just be an easy, straightforward mission, could it? I blame the writer …







LCSD 2021 JOY OPERATIONS #1 (Dark Horse Comics)





Jim Mahfood’s Grrl Scouts: Stone Ghost #1 Local Comic Shop Day edition will feature a new cover by Mahfood. This new miniseries sees Mahfood’s return to his creator-owned GRRL SCOUTS universe. Join Dio, Turtleneck Jones and Gordi as they face off against the sinister and unpredictable evil of The Teeth! Hilarious, over-the-top, psychedelic adventure will ensue, you guys! Packed from cover to cover (no ads!) with completely unique and eye-poppin' Mahfood art, including bonus comics and behind-the-scenes fun!


LCSD 2021 FRIDAY #1 (Image Comics)

Ed Brubaker and Marcos Martín’s Friday #1 Local Comics Shop Day edition presents the first issue of the genre-defying, post-YA masterpiece by award winning creators. Friday Fitzhugh spent her childhood solving crimes and digging up occult secrets with her best friend Lancelot Jones, the smartest boy in the world. But that was the past. Now she's in college, starting a new life on her own — or so she thought. When Friday comes home for the holidays, she's immediately pulled back into Lance's orbit and finds that something very strange and dangerous is happening in their little New England town. … This is literally the Christmas vacation from Hell, and they may not survive to see the New Year.



Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Dave McCaig’s The Walking Dead Deluxe #27 Local Comic Shop Day edition will feature a foil treatment on the cover logo. This is a key issue in the series that readers won’t want to miss out on — Welcome to Woodbury, home to the series' most heinous villain ... The Governor.



Local Comic Shop Day, the day that celebrates the independent spirit of local comic book shops, will be celebrated on Wednesday, Nov. 24. The annual event is organized by ComicsPRO, comics industry's trade organization, and Marvel Comics is proud to participate this year with a special LOCAL COMIC SHOP DAY variant cover! Featuring artwork by Jonboy Meyers, the cover can be seen on VENOM #2, the second issue of the blockbuster new era by Al Ewing, Ram V, and Bryan Hitch.



Vault Comics is thrilled to announce their Local Comic Shop Day 2021 release: a limited, deluxe foil, full art edition of RADIO APOCALYPSE #1, written by star writer Ram V, Eisner Award-winning artist Anand RK, colorist Anisha, letterer Aditya Bidikar, and designer Tim Daniel.   

Long after the rock out of space struck the world and turned it all to dust, in Bakerstown stands the last Radio Station on the planet. Radio Apocalypse broadcasting into the unknown, a beacon in the dark for those who wander the lost places. Now change is coming to Bakerstown. Among the refugees flocking into an already precarious settlement, an orphan boy Rion, caught in an indiscretion, will twine his fate with the Radio Station. And in doing so, begin this mixtape of love and heartbreak and interminable hope. This soundtrack to the end of the world.





Valiant | 32 pages | Teen+ | $3.99

Story: Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing | Art: Robbi Rodriguez | Colors: Rico Renzi | Letters: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou | Covers: Robbi Rodriguez, Nik Virella, Damion Scott

A new era in the iconic HARBINGER franchise races forward in THE HARBINGER #2.

Peter Stanchek is one of the most powerful psiots on the planet and one of the most feared as well, but now he's lost his memories. As he confronts the only message left behind when he first awoke, demanding him to "BE BETTER", Peter begins to understand the people of Psiot City need more than who he was. They need a superhero. With a new group of state sanctioned oppressors called The Warning bearing down on them, an all-new psiot raises his voice and spurs on a confrontation that only Peter Stanchek can hope to face. 

THE HARBINGER #2 is co-written by COLLIN KELLY and JACKSON LANZING (Kang The Conqueror, Batman Beyond: Neo Year), features art by ROBBI RODRIGUEZ (Spider-Gwen, Batgirl), colors by RICO RENZI (Mister Miracle: The Source of Freedom, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl), letters by HASSAN OTSMANE-ELHAOU (X-O MANOWAR, The Blue Flame), and covers by ROBBI RODRIGUEZ, NIK VIRELLA and DAMION SCOTT.



Humanoids | $29.99

Story: Xavier Dollo | Art:  Djibril Morrisette

This November Humanoids, the publisher of some of the world’s most iconic and groundbreaking science fiction and fantasy graphic novels, will release THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE FICTION from author/historian Xavier Dollo and illustrator Djibril Morissette-Phan (All-New Wolverine, X-Men: Gold, Star-Lord). For the first time in illustrated form, this comprehensive history of science fiction traces its origins and, in fascinating detail, charts its history from its beginnings as a “schlock” genre to its respected status today.

Who is considered the world’s first science fiction author? How did American science fiction begin? What sci-fi novel is the all-time best-seller? What were the “Pulps ”— and how did they predict with uncanny accuracy the 21st century world around us? The answers are here, along with detailed chapters dedicated to the founders of the genre and their modern-day successors.

Journey through time and space with this graphic novel history of the science fiction genre, from Jules Verne, Jonathan Swift, and Mary Shelley to William Gibson and Philip K. Dick to Ken Liu and Ted Chiang, and beyond. Trace the progress of SF through modern times and learn why key figures and inventors like Thomas Edison and Elon Musk have looked to science fiction to predict the future. Discover the origins of your favorite page-to-screen science fiction movies. Marvel at the behind-the-scenes stories of some of literature’s most imaginative writers. Find out why science fiction so effortlessly captures our imaginations and makes us dream of new worlds.

”This book is a jaw-dropping accomplishment,” says publisher Mark Waid. “It’s dense but never dry; it’s thorough but consistently entertaining. THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE FICTION is designed to be an important and lasting reference work, and we couldn’t be prouder to be publishing it.”

Far more than just a list of facts, THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE FICTION is a roaring analytical reflection on the genre that continues to shape our world, presented in a stunning 8” x 11” hardcover sure to stand out on any bookshelf or serve as the coffee-table conversation starter for all things sci-fi!


Surely Books | $23.99

Story: Terry Blas | Illustration: Claudia Aguirre

In this darkly comedic YA graphic novel, a group of teens starts a program to bring senior citizens to a local theme park to take advantage of the unofficial park policy: If someone dies on the property, the rest of their party is given lifetime passes! The first graphic novel in the new Surely Books line, this book is Cocoon meets Heathers — a twisted satire about a magical land and the people who love it, even to the point of obsession. Simultaneous release in hardcover and paperback.

CLICK HERE for more.



Binge Books | 64 pages | All Ages | $4.99

Story: Ursula Burton, Athena Burton | Art/Cover: Jeff Shultz

Versatile TV and film actor Ursula Burton (The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm) is the creator of the latest addition to the Binge Books catalog, Super Sleepy Bedtime Stories #1. Each tale is a bedtime story for all ages showcasing the adventures of Super Sleepy, a pint-sized protector of sleepyheads, who won’t rest until the reader does. At 68 pages, Burton’s giggle-filled Binge Book features art from Jeff Shultz (“Peanuts”).

"Super Sleepy had been tossing and turning in my mind for a long time,” says creator Ursula Burton, “I'm thrilled that families everywhere can finally read about her hilarious adventures alongside her wisecracking sidekick Schleepy the sheep. Jeff's art has a wonderfully retro style that helps make Super Sleepy feel like an old friend.”

The latest release from Binge Books also introduces readers to a new cast of fun, family-friendly characters including Gargirl the living gargoyle, Adventure Russ — finder of lost toys, Cosmic Ray the Space Kid-et, Lynn Ventor the girl inventor, Senor Uva’s Frutopia and Jillian Heir the Bajillionare.

"Everybody sleeps, so a little girl superhero who travels the world helping anyone who is having trouble sleeping is a wonderfully simple and universal premise which instantly inspires endless story ideas,” says Binge Books’ publisher Darin Henry.  “With back-up tales starring Gargirl and her Dreamland friends, Super Sleepy’s Bedtime Stories should be an instant classic to anyone who's ever been a kid."



Titan | 112 pages | $24.99

Story: V.E. Schwab | Art: Enid Balam | Cover: Nen Chang

#1 New York Times bestselling author of The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, launches her incredible world of super beings with this ALL-NEW dazzlingly illustrated graphic novel set in the five years between Vicious and Vengeful. A must for all Schwab fans everywhere!

Taking place in the years between VICIOUS and VENGEFUL, ExtraOrdinary follows the tale of a teenage girl named Charlotte Tills who following a fatal bus crash, seemingly dies only to wake up to discover she has become an EO — a person with ExtraOrdinary abilities. In Charlotte’s case, it’s the ability to see people's deaths, but when she looks into her own future, sees her own murder at the hands of the self-proclaimed hero and notorious EO killer Eli Ever, who is currently in prison for the murder of Victor Vale. Refusing to accept her fate, Charlotte sets off to find — and change — her future — before it comes for her. 

This graphic novel introduces Eli Ever, the antagonist at the heart of the Villains series.

Also includes for the first time ever in print, V.E. Schwab’s original text short story, Warm Up. Set in the Vicious universe and follows the story of a family man called David, who after surviving a deadly avalanche wakes up as an EO with the terrifying ability to create fire with his mind.

Drawn by sensational Mexican artist Enid Balam, ExtraOrdinary introduces a whole new take on the genre of super-powered humans!

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CAPTAIN AMERICA/IRON MAN: I don't think I could be friends with a guy who was directly responsible for my death (even if I did get better).


"Speak up, Liefeld fans. What's the attraction?"

I used to buy Liefeld comics just to make fun of how bad they were, but I'm getting too old for that now. Even Liefeld himself is over 50. (Doesn't that make you feel old?)


"Am I gonna have to buy this again?"

If you get Frank Miller's BIG DAMN Sin City you'll never need to a buy a "Sin City" again.

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