I have recently run across a promotion for the  new Mark Waid run of Daredevil.

Basically, it's saying,"If you've been hearing great things about Daredevil and wondered what all the buzz is about, here's your chance...  "  You can download a digital copy of Daredevil #1 for free.


I'm impressed that within a  year or so of the new series premeiring, they're still working to promote the series and gain new readers... even by offering a freebee.


But I'm concerned that if they have to resort to giving away free copies of the starting point, that the series may be at risk for cancellation or retrenching.


What are your thoughts on this?

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Well, in my opinion the book is definitely worth picking up.  Waid has jettisoned the grim and gritty approach in favor of something slightly more upbeat.  There's actual humor in the comic, Daredevil is acting like a superhero instead of a crazed sociopath, and the artwork has been top-notch.

I would be seriously shocked if the title were canceled anytime soon. More likely Waid will move on at a certain point (it seems to me he has a history of lasting around 30 issues),  From there, it's anyone's guess.

All I can say is, I'm enjoying the title, so have fun with it while it lasts!

The series has kept a pretty solidly consistent sales number of around 38-40,000 copies per month since its debut (issue 1 launched with about 65,000 sales, but it settled into its core number pretty quickly), and it's the only Marvel book that didn't have "Avengers", "X", or "Spider" in the title* to reach Diamond's top 50 in August. All of which is to say, I doubt it's at risk of cancellation or retrenching.

(* - Technically, Wolverine, Gambit, and Hawkeye don't have any of those words in their titles either; but the latter two were issue #1, so you can consider their presence anomalous, and Wolverine...well, the "X" is implicit.)


As to whether it's any good...absolutely. It's not been quite as fun over the last six issues as it was its first 12, but it's still a totally solid book, and one of my favorite titles.

Nah, if they were planning on cancelling it, they wouldn't be promoting it at all. It's a wonderful book, and they see potential in it for more audience than it already has.

Plus, it just won both the Eisner and the Harvey awards for best series.  

How does one download Daredevil #1? I went to Marvel's site and couldn't find any reference to it. Wouldn't mind trying it out.


At Marvel's website click on "Comics" and either click on "Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited", which will take you to Marvel's online digital library, or "Digital Comic Shop", from which if you should be able to download your own e-copy. (I haven't bought anything there, but I take it this is how it works.) To read it at "Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited" you'll have to pay for access to the library. As I type this the issue is listed as free at "Digital Comic Shop". (The first collection of the series, with ##1-6, is not and reuses the cover-image.)

Daredevil is the only Marvel book I read, partly because it isn't wrapped up in crossovers, although it did one with Spider-Man (with Waid writing both parts). Waid won three Eisners for his work on DD (Best Comic, Best Story and Best Writer), which says a lot. I think it's an excellent book, but I've always been a big fan of both DD and Waid, so the combination works for me.

With TPBs coming out so quickly, it's not hard to catch up on a series these days. It's kind of like being able to get back seasons of TV shows and get caught up!

-- MSA

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