There are a few things that are worth discussing in this thread.

  • The mostly now-defunct spin-off books: Damage, Sideways, The Unexpected, The Immortal Men, New Challengers, The Terrifics, and Silencer.
  • Scott Snyder's Justice League, The Batman Who Laughs, and the other Justice League books (Odyssey and Dark, as well as the ones that are now stationed along in the Hall of Justice--Titans that I know of...are there others?).
  • The new Hawkman series, which I have not read.

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I've been thinking a little more about this -- Firestorm had what we can think of as a powerful patron in his co-creator, Gerry Conway. After his book was canceled, Conway wrote him into Justice League, and also (I think) wrote the DC Comics Presents appearance bridging the two. And then, of course, he wrote his subsequent backups and then the first five years of Fury of Firestorm. 

SIdeways could be in a similar position. Dan Didio, his co-creator, certainly has at least as much clout at DC as Conway did then (arguably much more, given his position). What Didio doesn't have, however, is endless time & books to actually write about Sideways himself, the way Conway did about Firestorm. So Didio can absolutely push for Sideways's inclusion in certain events or groups going forward, but it's less likely that he'll have the time to devote to doing the job himself. Will that make a difference? We'll see.

I have a question, because I think I've been a bit confused ever since this line of books came out in the first place. How were these books related to Dark Nights Metal exactly? I mean in the sense of the story. Did any of them actually take place in the Dark Multiverse?

I think the Terrifics dipped into it for a bit...Isn't that where the Dreadfuls come from? And Sideways visited it during his crossover with the Seven Soldiers (and besides that, he got his powers due to his proximity to Gotham during the Metal event). Beyond that, I don't know.

Hmm. It was touted as "from the pages of Dark Metal" or something like that, wasn't it? It's funny that I just never noticed that it actually wasn't.

I have to say, it was at least a valiant attempt to toss more ideas and titles out there. The Terrifics are a great team, and they fill a hole in the current DCU. I just realized that they are kind of like the Challengers of the Unknown (who are what Kirby did much better when he created the Fantastic Four). The FF pastiche was obvious, but I like that they are science adventurers.

I also love Silencer, and I really hope she shows up in Leviathan Rising, what with her connection to Talia al Ghul.

Just resurrecting this thread to say that in recent weeks, we've seen Silencer in Event Leviathan, and now Tempus Fuginaut from Sideways has appeared in Flash Forward.  And, of course, The Terrifics is still being published. 

I was definitely happy to see Silencer back in Event Leviathan!

And it looks like she's back again in next week's Wonder Woman 83! Silencer and Tempus Fuginaut (who's not only in Flash Forward, but also the Dark Multiverse one-shots) seem to be the two creations that are sticking around for the time being. (Other than the Terrifics, but they're all preexisting characters). They both positioned well to be obstacles for a book's main character, which gives them a bit more utility and versatility than a standard superhero to team up with.

Wandering Sensei: Moderator Man said:

I was definitely happy to see Silencer back in Event Leviathan!

Today's release of the DC solicitations seems to indicate that Sideways will be joining Young Justice in March!

Bumped to add that Sideways was on the last page of this month's Young Justice. He seemed surprised and happy to be there.

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