DC recently announced a "robust" expansion of its Digital First program -- seemingly with an aim to get a new title onto the digital shelf every day. As I mentioned in the Walmart thread, the initial stories are drawn from the new content in the Giants, and will appear in the following titles:

  • Superman: Man of Tomorrow
  • Batman, Gotham Nights
  • Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace
  • The Flash: Fastest Man Alive
  • Aquaman: Deep Dives
  • DC Superhero Girls: Infinite Frenemies
  • Swamp Thing: New Roots

But will that be enough? At a story a day, a rotation of those titles will burn through their inventory pretty quickly. 

There's also Batman: The Adventures Continue, the animated series-style comic that's being released digitally. And there's also RWBY and Gen: Lock, two non-DCU books that DC releases digital-first. (I'm unfamiliar with them, but it looks like their most recent releases where at the end of March and the beginning of April, so they could still be ongoing.) With those two, that would bring us up to 10 titles, which, without weekends, could fill a two-week rotation. Is that DC's plan? Or do they have something more in store -- as this Newsarama article suggests?

I'll be following these releases here, updating each week's entries. 


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Tomorrow's Wonder Woman issue is previewed on Newsarama -- it combines the stories "Sure Shot" (featuring Deadshot) and "Couldn't Live" (a spotlight on Steve Trevor) from Wonder Woman Giants 2 & 3. 

Aquaman: Deep Dives 5 features "Stinging Tide Part 1" from Aquaman Giant 4. It's interesting that with both Aquaman and Superman, the titles are starting to feature continued stories. It's the first of a three-part story, which is a shame; I like the tight storytelling aspect of one-shots. But who knows? A weekly 3-parter makes more sense to me than a monthly one. (The cover to the Superman story doesn't say how many chapters it will be.)

Flash: Fastest Man Alive continues today with "Around the Day in 80 Worlds" from Flash Giant 5 (by Gail Simone & Clayton Henry).  

But also, I've seen a preview of some of next week's covers -- Superman 6, Aquaman 6, Flash 6...and Birds of Prey: Sirens of Justice 1, due out May 27.  Whether that means Wonder Woman is skipping a week or what, I don't know. The story is from Birds of Prey Giant 1. There wasn't a second issue of this, so we'll see how many more issues of BOP:SOJ there are.

The Superman and Aquaman stories are continuations of this week's. The Flash issue has two stories written by Jeff Parker, one drawn by Miquel Mendonca, the other by Ricardo Villalobos, from Flash Giants 1 & 2. 

Looks like most of next week's Digital Firsts have shown up on Comixology for pre-order (even if tomorrow's Swamp Thing isn't yet there). Here goes:

Monday, May 25: Superman: "What Makes a City: Part 2," as yet unpublished 
Tuesday, May 26: Batman: "Balyushka" from DC Villains Giant 1
Wednesday, May 27:Birds of Prey: "Fight or Flight"  from Birds of Prey Giant 1 
Thursday, May 28: Aquaman: "Stinging Tide, part 2," as yet unpublished 
Friday, May 29: Flash: "Perfect World" and "Rational Thought" from Flash Giants 1 & 2
Saturday, May 30: Teen Titans Go!: Booyah!: "“The Hic You Say?!” from TTG! Giant 1
Sunday, May 31: Swamp Thing: "Seeds of Destruction," as yet unpublished 

No word yet on Wonder Woman 6 or DC Superhero Girls 6.

I love the art on that Birds of Prey cover. Is it Yanick Paquette? Man, I love that slick, grounded style.

I'm pretty sure it's him. And yeah, he's a face!
Fave. He's a fave. Friggin autocorrect.

Yannick Paquette is an undervalued property, I think. He may be the best successor to Jose Luis Garcia Lopez.

As suspected, there's no issue of Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace out today; its slot has been taken by Birds of Prey: Sirens of Justice. On Twitter, Gail Simone said that DC only asked her for new BoP story, so I bet we get more Wonder Woman next week -- or maybe the week after, if DC also wants to release the short Harley and Huntress stories that also appeared in the Giant. 

And we have our answer to what's coming Saturday! In the place of DC Superhero Girls: Infinite Frenemies, we have Teen Titans Go: Booyah! The first one reprints a story from the Teen Titans Go Giant.

There was one other new story printed in that issue, but it was only 10 pages; it'll need to be paired with something else to fill out another Digital First. (The new TTG/DCSHG Giant used ony TTG reprints, with new DCSHG stories.)

Next week, according to the DC website, is a new Digital First comic: Harley Quinn: Make 'Em Laugh.  It's listed as being available on June 2, but that's Tuesday, and there's a Batman digital first scheduled for the same day. My guess is this will replace Wonder Woman/Birds of Prey on Wednesday. Or maybe Flash? But my guess would be that DC would replace one woman-centered book with another, no matter how different those women might be.

I've also seen indication that Batman: Gotham Nights will be shipping next week, as well as new installments of DCeased and Batman Adventures. 

Today's digital first is a new title: World's Finest: Batwoman & Supergirl 1, reprinting "Sister, Sister" from the Batwoman Supergirl Giant. Not sure yet what the rest of the week will bring -- although the DC site promises a Batman: Gotham Nights 7, and the debut of Harley Quinn: Make 'Em Laugh (with a second issue next week). So we'll see, and I'll fill in the blanks as we go along.

Monday, June 1: World's Finest: "Sister, Sister," From Batwoman Supergirl Giant 

Tuesday, June 2: Batman: "Unplanned Obsolescence" from Batman Giant 5
ALSO: DCeased 2

Wednesday, June 3:Harley Quinn: Make 'Em Laugh: "Head Shrink," as yet unpublished.
ALSO: Teen Titans Go! To Camp 15

Thursday, June 4: Aquaman?
ALSO: Batman: The Adventures Continue 5

Friday, June 5: Flash?

Saturday, June 6: Teen Titans Go?

Sunday, June 7: Swamp Thing? 

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