Almost every Doctor Who serial of the original series has its own paperback adaptation. I never thought too much about obtaining them all, but then one day, BAM! Instant collection! (Thanks, Tim!) Suddenly, owning a complete collection was an obtainable goal. Since then, although I haven’t gone online to search, I’ve kept my eyes peeled at local used bookstores but have become convinced it’s all a matter of timing. Very few Doctor Who paperback collections are brought it for sale or trade, and when they are it becomes a matter of finding them before someone else does. I have found two bumper crops, though, most recently this past weekend. While updating my checklist I was surprised to discover that I now own all of the Fourth Doctor paperbacks and am very close to owning all of Fifth and Sixth Doctor ones as well. I’m most interested in the paperbacks of the First and Second Doctors, especially those adapting “lost” episodes, but I will buy or trade for anything on this list. Let me now if you have any to sell or trade, and feel free to post your own wants as well.

JEFF’S DOCTOR WHO WANT LIST: Nothing, absolutely nothing.Nothing to see here. Move along.

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I got Harlan Ellison to sign his introduction in one of the Doctor Who hardbacks I have.


Emerkeith, I have seen that version of "Shada" with the title cards filling in the missing pieces.

Recently, they've published paperback novelizations f some new series stories, done in the style of the old Target books.  I've read two:  Twice Upon A Time, by Paul Cornell, and The Day of the Doctor, by Stephen Moffat.

Both were enjoyable.  I'm not a big Cornell fan, but he did a good job on his book, crafting a fairly faithful adaptation of Moffat's script.

Moffat plays around a bit with Day, zipping back and forth in time and switching perspective.  He includes elements of other stories, in particular Night of the Doctor , and plays around a bit with continuity, including giving an in-story explanation for the two Peter Cushing movies. All in all, fun stuff.

The Baron said:

including giving an in-story explanation for the two Peter Cushing movies. All in all, fun stuff.

How did he manage to do it?

Yeah, how did he do it?

BTW... the above want list is no longer relevant.

Between Bob and Tim, I now have them all.

(I've even read some of them!)

In the scene where Kate and Clara are in the Black Archive, and Kate is explaining the dangers of information about the Doctor getting out to the public, Kate points out two movie posters on the wall, and Clara is like, "That guy from Star Wars made movies about the Doctor? "

Kate says they tried to suppress them, but they kept getting shown on bank holidays, which I suspect is some sort of a British in-joke.

Kate says that when the Doctor saw the movies, he loved them so much that he ended up becoming friends with Peter Cushing, which UNIT only discovered when Cushing showed up in a film made long after he died, presumably meaning Rogue One.


Okay. That actually works for me.

"Bank holidays" are what we would call federal holidays. Pretty much everyone is off work, meaning UNIT would be short-staffed on those days.

I believe there's also a tradition of showing movies instead of regular TV on holidays over there, so it may be that they showed family movies like those on days when everyone might be home watching TV.


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