Doctor Who Reactions: "Dark Water"/"Death in Heaven" (SPOILERS)

"Dark Water"

1)Clara's reaction to Danny dying threw me off a bit at first, then I realized she was suppressing her emotional reaction.  Not sure what good she thought destroying the TARDIS keys would do - can't he just snap his fingers to open the door these days?


2)"Go to Hell." OK.


3)"Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?"


4)"We're here to get your boyfriend back from the dead."


5)"Speak for me again, and I'll detach something from you."


6)"The dead remain conscious."  That makes necrophilia even creepier.


7)And then the Cybermen's theme music!


8)"Humankind - bring out your dead!"

9)"You're a Time Lord." "Time Lady, please."




11)"Sorry, everyone, another ranting Scotsman in the street. I had no idea there was a match on today."  Oh, Moffat, you self-hating Scotsman!


12)"All the graves of planet Earth are about to give birth!"


13)"I couldn't very well keep calling myself 'the Master', now could I?"  I have to admit that I don't think I would've seen this coming, myself. As it was, it was a popular fanboy theory that I heard about early on. It adds up, though - teaming up with one of the Doctor's oldest enemies in a mad, nonsensical scheme? Vintage Master.  I've also heard it suggested that this is a trial ballon of sorts to see how fans might react to a possible future female Doctor.


14)Had to get the classic "Cybermen at Saint Paul's" scene from "The Invasion" in there, didn't we.  Perhaps the Cybermen are all just Anglicans?








15)Cliffhanger:  The Cybermen are on the march, and Danny seems to be about to delete his emotions!

Overall (for "Dark  Water"):  I'm a big fan of the Cybermen, and I'm interested to see a new tale on the character of the Master, but this episode still managed to leave me cold. The whole business with the Nethersphere seemed a bit overdone to me.  Ah, well, maybe things'll pick up a bit in the second half!


"Death in Heaven"

1)Clara pretending to be The Doctor is interesting. How does she know so much about him?  She must remember all the stuff her other selves learned,


2)"Bow ties are cool." Nice to see Osgood again.


3)"Might want to do your roots."


4)"He's on the payroll." "Am I?" "Technically." "How much?" "Shush."


5)"Chaplet Funeral Home." I'm pretty sure that wasn't  Jackie Lane, though.


6)"You think your father would've done this?" "You know he absolutely would."


7)"I see you're bringing Daddy along, too. Very sweet."


8)"You are the chief executive officer of the human race."  I like how he has to one-up the Master/Mistress - after all the times the Master tried to conquer the Earth, humanity just puts the Doctor in charge.


9)"My children and grandchildren are missing, presumed dead."


10)"I do have files on all our ex-prime ministers. She wasn't even the worst."  We'll have to commission someone to write "Doctor Who and the Iron Lady"...


11)"How can you win a war against an enemy that can weaponize the dead?"


12)"She must have a TARDIS somewhere..."


13)"Oh, my giddy aunt!"  Now she's quoting the Second Doctor.


14)Poor Osgood! It was like kicking a puppy to death! Which was the point, I suppose.


15)I did like the scenes between Clara and CyberDanny.


16)"Watch the blood-soaked general in action."


17)"I wasn't very good at it, but I did love you."


18)The Mistress as Mary Poppins!


19)"Conquer the universe, Mister President." OK, I didn't see the Mistress turning the Cyberarmy over to the Doctor coming.


20)"You will sleep safe tonight."  For all the Doctor's ranting agaianst soldiers, it was a soldier that saved the day.


21)ATMOS all over again.


22)And of course the Mistress isn't dead at then end - that was the teleport affect, not the disintegration effect. But did the Doctor send her somewhere, or did she just flat-out escape?


23)The Cyberbrigadier saving Kate at the end was a nice touch.


24)So Danny nobly sends the boy back at the end - but hasn't the boy been dead for years? Where did the nice healthy-looking body he has at the end come from?


25)"I've found Gallifrey."  If that is Gallifrey at the end, there's obviously something wrong with it.


26)So, was that Clara's leaving scene? It sure seemed like it, with them both prevaricating to one another.


27)"What do you want for Christmas?" Yeah, OK, Steve,


Overall:  Well, that certainly was a roller coaster ride. I think I'll need a little time to process that. Preliminarily, though, I have to say I enjoyed that.  I enjoyed Gomez as the Master/Mistress. In some ways she's more menacing than Simm was.  I don't have any problem with the Master being a woman - heck, for Time Lords, wearing a body of a different gender might be no more serious than a human wearing drag.




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So a couple of my thoughts

1) Good. I am not the only one that saw it as a non-cliffhanger with the keys (Mind you, did she remember the one in the cubbyhole over the P ;)   )

2) When Missy talked about having been abandoned, I was SO HOPING that Moffat had actually put a twist and we would have a regenerated ROMANA having gone right around the bend and become a re-invented character. Now THAT would have been a much better plot twist than what practically everyone on the net had been saying since almost her (Missy's)  first appearance. In Romana's case, she might have gone a bit loony while in E-Space but managed to hide it when she came back and now pull something for a sort of revenge ( "You abandoned me to E-Space!" "You said you wanted to go!" "You should have tried harder to make me stay!", that sort of thing) and we find out that her time in E-Space was a bit more difficult than may have been thought.

3) I have to say I am a bit surprised that The Doctor decided to have Clara stick around. I could see him helping her out as one last kindness to her but given the character we have seen so far, I would have seen him more "But after this, you and I are done. Is that clear?" Mind you, there is part two as you mentioned and we do know that Clara is leaving so maybe that will be next week's epi?

I thought of Romana, also. We could have had the "Khanification" of Romana. Actually, I suppose we still could, if she were lying about being the Master.

I'm kind of the opposite - I was really hoping it wasn't a deranged Romana.

Moffat always lies, except when he doesn't.

Well fair enough but wouldn't you have been a bit more "WTF?" moment if it had been Roamana instead of The Master/Mistress or The Rani as a lot of others were thinking ?

The Baron said:

I'm kind of the opposite - I was really hoping it wasn't a deranged Romana.
Sure, but for me, at least, it would've destroyed the character to no good purpose.

FYI, I've updated my original post to include my initial thoughts on the second part of the finale.

Missy lied about Gallifrey's location.

A thought I hadn't considered, but certainly a strong possibility.

There was nothing there, and the Doctor was so upset that he started pounding on the TARDIS console.

See, when I watched it, I wasn't sure whether there was nothing there, or whether there was some unpleasant thing there that we weren't shown. I figured that if there was no planet there at all, he would've been able to detect that from inside the TARDIS, he wouldn't've needed to get out and look.

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