Doctor Who Reactions: "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" (SPOILERS)

1)I like Brian Williams, he's a fun character.  Nice of NBC to give him the time off to do it.


2)"Nice to meet you."  Wouldn't he have met him at the wedding, or did Brian have the same flu Wilfred Mott had?


3)This time the logo is all scaly, very amusing.


4)"What sort of man doesn't carry a trowel?"


5)Interestingly, there apepars to be some mystery about the final fate of Nefertiti in real life, so it doesn't really mess with history for her to go off with Hunter Boy at the end.


6)"Spelling it out is hereditary, wonderful."


7)The bitchy robots are mildly amusing, vaguely reminiscent of a Holmesian double-act.


8)"Only my balls."  Forty-nine years in, and we get Doctor Who's first testicle joke.


9)Solomon's a right vicious bugger, isn't he?  It's a little out of character for the Doctor to leave him to die at the end, but one doesn't really blame him.


10)"I'm a Sagittarius, probably."  Which matches if we take the Doctor's "birthday" as the day the show started.


11)"How do you start a triceratops?"


12)"Did the Silurians beg you to stop?"  We do seem to have a trned of the Doctor being a bit more "hardcore" this season.



An amusing little story, with an effective heel and an interesting new character in Brian. If you want to see how far the show has progressed tehcnically, go back and watch "Invasion of the Dinosaurs".

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First off, sorry if I'm annoying anyone about rehashing last year's Doctor Who. I just bought the DVD of the Seventh Season Part One and it's all new to me as I didn't have BBC-America before.


  • How long did you think that it took to get this episode green-lit with that title?
  • I liked the Doctor rounding up his "gang" and Amy a bit miffed that she could have been replaced.
  • Rory's dad was a trip, I liked the bickering and the bonding.
  • The dinos looked pretty good here.
  • The Doctor romances another queen!
  • I wonder if the trowel was a subtle homage to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy's towel? "Anyone who can keep their towel..."
  • Suddenly Amy knows how to use alien technology or is she just pushing buttons?
  • Was the Big Game Hunter only there to take Nefriti off the Doctor's hands?
  • Amy: "No flirty companions." Oh kettle, thou art black! ;-)
  • The shooting of Brian Williams along with the near abduction of Nefriti probably sealed Solomon's fate. Don't mess with the Companions!
  • Is it just me or was Amy with a big gun really sexy? And yes I know how weird that sounds!
  • More sad looks from the Doctor as he gazes at Amy.
  • Was it part of this season's gimmick that the stories not flow from one to another with months in between?

You know there's a Brian Willaims who is a sports commentator for the CTV, who has anchored their coverage of the Olympic games--and he's been around for longer than the other Brians Williams. CTV was the host broadcaster for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics--which NBC covered for the U.S.--and there was a big deal made out of the two Brians Williams meeting on air. It is the stuff of legend.

The Big Game Hunter was one of my favourite actors in the '80s, so I was happy to see him, even if he didn't have much to do. I'm sure everyone was chuffed to work with him.

I'm not sure, but I think the order of the episodes was messed up a bit--or the Doctor is meeting Amy and Rory out of sequence.

There's a kind of thematic link between most if not all of these Rory and Amy episodes--at least in the titles they have--and also with the title sequence. It's meant to jump a bit, I think. 

Also just for the sake of multimedia, it gives a lot of slots where other stories can fit in.

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